Values Based Parenting: Do you know your values?

I was talking with a coaching client the other day and she was worried about being able to do it all after her second is born. We explored priorities and values, i.e. Values-Based Parenting. I asked her what her parenting values are and everything she said fit into 2 main buckets: family quality time & kid development/education....more

My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!

My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!Written on June 28, 2015 by loving in Uncategorized...more

How to have a good pregnancy? Do pregnancy YOUR way

Do you want to know how to have a good pregnancy?You’ve heard some complaints about pregnancy, I’m sure. You’ve maybe even heard some horrific horror stories.You know pregnancy is not always all “sunshine and roses,” yet you’d like it be. Couldn’t it mostly be that way for you? Why couldn’t it be? You tell yourself it’s not realistic, and yet you want your story to be different…...more

What do your “Infants Need”? Sarah knows…

Do you need help planning for your new baby’s needs? Do you know what baby gear you want? And what baby products you don’t need? It can be overwhelming! Infants Need is here to help you navigate this adventure!...more

Caring for a newborn. What to expect?

You’re expecting! But… you don’t know what to expect!Newly pregnant? Bringing home a newborn? What to expect?It will not all go as you expect it to. Some aspects will actually be easier than you thought they would be. Some aspects will be harder than you anticipated.What will be EASIER and what will be HARDER? That’s different for every mom, every parent. And, again, not always predictable....more

It’s easy to talk about the chaos and the “busy” of the holidays and get caught up in the stress and pressure of the season. Many talk about how crazy and out of control this month can be. Too many people I know – including myself – will be celebrating holidays without a close loved one who passed on sometime during this year.  Even when everyone around us is singing the stressed out “busy” tune, we can choose to shift our focus away from crazy and chaos to appreciation and enjoyment and HAPPY. You know who can help? Our kids.  ...more

Give thanks at Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, give thanks!Here are a couple of straight-forward thoughts from me about how to have the thanks-giving be most meaningful and impactful.First…...more

Have you seen it? F-Bombs for Feminism. What do you think?

Little girls dressed as princesses are dropping f-bombs (yeah, the real f-bombs) to support a good cause: feminism, gender equality. They make some powerful points and, of course, delivered by little girls, it gets our attention.If you want to see the video, watch here.What do you think? Going too far to make the point? Or finally getting pointed enough?I don’t know that I’d be gutsy enough to launch a feminism campaign like this. And, I’m glad they’re are getting people to think....more

Someone’s expecting? Congratulations are in order! … Aren’t they?

We often make assumptions!It can be easy to assume that if someone is married and over the age of 22 that it’s good news when they tell us they’re pregnant. Congratulations are in order!! (Aren’t they?)It can also be easy to assume that if someone is unmarried, a teenager, or just lost their job that it’s bad news to be pregnant....more

Mommies Made Ready!

When you’re expecting, new questions and concerns flood your mind and heart every day. There are many who are willing to give you unsolicited advice. And, there’s just a LOT of pregnancy-related information out there.It can be overwhelming! How are you going to it weed through it all and get your specific questions answered?...more