Asian Lamb Chops

Asian Lamb Chops       These Asian lamb chops were tender, juicy and to-die-for          taste!!!       My Freckled Soldier and I grilled these guys in no time at all ...more

Texan In The Bayou Kolaches

Texan In The Bayou KolachesThese kolaches were sooo simple to make! I served them straight out of the oven after brushing them with melted butter. What a great brunch we had! Lovely! Enjoy my recipe on

Hill Country Jalapeno Poppers

Hill Country Jalapeno Poppers                                                                   ...more

Enchiladas Primos

Enchiladas PrimosThese enchiladas were something to behold! Since returning from a ski trip in Colorado I needed a good dosage of Mexican food. And yes, Freckled Soldier and I did eat at a Mexican restaurant but it was horrible!  Time to move to the Rockies and show them how it's done here in Texas! Please visit me at