Losing My Words

This week? Well, this quote pretty much describes how I’m feeling this week. (Which is ironic since, you know, my blog is all about using words.) I was tempted to just disappear entirely for the week, but some things have been happening around here that I wanted to share quickly ....more

A Celebration of Uncommon Mothers, Sponsored by UncommonGoods

I’ve had a great time partnering with UncommonGoods to bring you some fun Mother’s Day gift inspiration, and more importantly, celebrate just a few of the inspirational moms I know. You know what’s coming? Mother’s Day ....more

10 Things I Learned Last Week(s), Vol 156

My mind wasn’t the only thing I lost recently, but it was certainly on the list. At least I think it was. If only I could find the darn thing… Lesson #1: Sure, clients can be challenging, but nothing I faced this week was as difficult as convincing Pink that her doll didn’t intentionally head butt her and isn’t really, really mean ....more

Reader Feature: Anne Gets Snacktastic

Confession: Our snack cupboard makes me cringe. It’s true, crackers and pre-packaged snack bars (in all shapes and sizes) are simple for the kids—especially the carboholic of the bunch—to serve themselves, but I’m no fool. I realize they’re full of empty calories and not the best growing-kid snack choices ....more

May “Nine” Be Kind

Dear Big, The truth is, I didn’t need the calendar to remind me that you’ve grown another whole year. I see it each day in your broadening shoulders, hear it a bit too often in the tweenish edge of your words, and feel it whenever I look down to talk to you and realize that, all too soon, we’ll be eye to eye. Yes, nine has welcomed you with open arms ....more

5 Ways Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration Will Dazzle Your Family

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of some big news coming out of Disneyland, and now I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you. Start planning your summer vacations, my friends…this is some Disney magic you’re not going to want to miss. (Just don’t tell my kids because they ask me at least once a week when we’re going back and I don’t have an answer…just yet.) On July 17, 1955, Walt Disney’s dream came true ....more

10 Things I Learned Last Week, Vol 155

We’ve collected yet another week of experiences, laughs, and lessons. And dirty clothes. But that’s not what this post is all about…well, not entirely ....more

Preschool Fashion Week, *Sponsored by Totspot*

I’m excited to partner with Totspot for this post about how we recently celebrated Preschool Fashion Week in our house. (Ok, that’s not really a thing. But it should be ....more

Date Your Mate, $50 UrbanSitter Gift Card Giveaway *Sponsored*

I’ll be honest. When I hear the term “date night” I kind of roll my eyes. But recently, when talking to a friend, I was forced to admit that my snarky response isn’t because I wouldn’t love a fun night out with Lenny now and then ....more

10 Things I Learned This Week, Vol 154

I didn’t really mean to stop doing lessons posts. It just sort of happened. But last week, I found myself running to write down notes as funny and/or meaningful things happened ....more