When Leadership Gets Personal

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Rekindling a Burned Out Life

Remember when a simple jolt of caffeine or a little cocoa du jour were enough to snap you back to life? Combos of the two were delightfully invigorating. What do you do, though, when your chocolate binge or triple espresso or monstrously bullish beverage are falling far short of five hours of energy? Start an I.V.? Yes,…I mean, Yikes! You’re probably under enough stress already; the aforementioned “medication” may just lead from metaphor to cardiac floor…in your local hospital....more

Business Smarts: The Top Three Priorities of Leaders

Leaders can’t do it all and shouldn’t. You lead the company. You don’t manage it. You lead it. Do I need to say it again? This fact implies we all know the difference between leadership and management. Truth is, we often don’t. Leadership seems fuzzier than it should be, because those that managed us throughout our careers didn’t have it clarified for them either. While there are indeed a multitude of tasks leaders participate in, when it comes to leading a company, there are three critical items that should top every leader’s To-Do list. ...more
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