The Difficulties of Parenting

I read a blog post the other day that I felt the need to respond to, indirectly.  It's not that the idea that "parenting isn't hard" made me mad enough to respond to, but rather that I had a particularly bad parenting day yesterday and kept thinking about the author's idea that the fact that we should love our kids so much that it should be "easy" to not yell or lose our tempers with them, because that definitely was not happening for me....more

Goodbye, ECT

I finished my 10th and final ECT treatment this week, and boy am I excited! They were kind of a pain, and the whole being "shocked into a seizure" thing is a little concerning. Read all about why I'm glad to be done:

When is a Bad Mood More than a Bad Mood?

If you suffer from a mood disorder, like chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or the like, it's awful hard to determine when you're just in a plain-old, vanilla bad mood, or when you're slipping down that slippery slope of depression.  I'm not sure what the answer is; how DO you know when a bad mood is just a bad mood?  I talk about it in my most recent blog post:

A Word on Health Care and Mental Health Treatments

There's been a lot in the local news lately about mental health care and health care reform on a local and state level.  I couldn't help but address two of these articles in a few blog posts.  One of the articles was a report on how a local hospital is closing its mental health facility; another was about a push for value-added health care reform in Ohio. Check out my blog posts, complete with links to the articles, here: ...more

My One, Itty, Bitty, 2012 Goal

Like most of the rest of the 7 billion people on this earth, I made a New Year's "Resolution."  I put "resolution" in quotes because I really don't like the term -- mainly because I always fail at making resolutions.Anyhoo, here's my one teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, seemingly simple goal:  stay out of the hosptial.If I look at 2011 as a trendsetter, that little bitty goal seems a lot harder, seeing as how I had 10 overnight hospital stays in 2011. ...more

Christmas Observations

I've made some observations this Christmas.  Nothing earth shattering, nothing that important, but, in my experience, true nonetheless.Check them out here:  http://bipolarknitter.comHope your Christmas was bah humbug free....more

The Whole, or the Sum of Our Parts?

Did you ever wonder if psychiatrists see us as just the sum of our symptoms?  I have, and address it here: ...more

Check-In With ECT

I am still doing ECT treatments; I have two left this week.  I am hoping these are the last two I have to do for a while.  Read more about my treatments at

A Little Bit About Electroconvulsive Therapy

This past week, while I wasn't knitting, I was having electroconvlsive therapy.  Am I nuts?  Who does this form of therapy voluntarily?  To start the conversation, I looked up a little bit about the practice's history, including the fact that the idea originated when an Italian psychiatrist watched a herd of pigs being shocked into submission before being slaughtered.  Lovely.Read more here:  http://bipolarknitter.comHave you had ECT?   What was your experience?...more

Reporting from the Front Lines

I am writing from a mental health facility with a contraband iPod. What's next, Jack Nicholson's showing up with hookers and smuggled booze? What a wild life I lead. Read about it here: ...more