MOM. Mom On A Mission!

I thought I'd share the beginning of my journey. I've done this a few times and quit after the first day. Today is my 2nd day, so I'm doing 100% better than before! I have always struggled with my weight and appearance. I'm not HUGE, but I do have some extra. I've found my soul mate and have had 2 kids, so some weight has been put on.The last two months, I've gotten EXTREMELY depressed about my weight and how I look. So depressed, I've started bawling in the middle of the day every 4 days. Something clicked yesterday, I am DONE!...more

The Weekly Budget.

These days alot of adults are looking for ways to save money. The thing is, they don't really do much about it. I've come up with a plan I do weekly that keeps me on track and watches how much I spend. First I figure out when all my bills and rent are due, when I go shopping (weekly), gas, etc. Each week, I write down what money has to go out. Let's start with the week after rent is paid, we will say the latest day of the 5th. ...more

How to save $$ at the Grocery store.

When I think about saving money at the grocery store, I see it as an easy task, but I've been doing it for 4 years now. In the 4 years of doing so, I've probably saved around $22,000! That's roughly saying I've saved $100 a week. ...more

Depression, suicide, & strength.

Life is becoming extremely hard. Very hard. Everyone goes through times where they are upset or mad with the world. I'm going to get personal and share a little something about myself. I do have depression. I don't take medicine, I don't talk to a therapist. I express how I feel with my husband, mom, or best friend. I believe the ones closest to you can help you through the roughest of times rather than someone who doesn't know you and let's you talk the whole time. ...more

Pay it forward & etc.

How often do you put someone else before you (not including children, that's a given, hopefully). Everyone has their own problems, their own struggles, and sometimes they just need support or attention. I'm a strong believer of karma. What goes around comes around. I have experienced it many different times, good & bad. Help someone and someone will help you. ...more

Be totally true to yourself

Everyone and I mean everyone has something about themselves that they hate. Yes, that person who is super confident and a great person has something to hide. But, only you can make you happy. You cannot depend on someone else. You have something you don't like, change it. Work on it. Talk to someone you trust for some advice. ...more

Tip Please.

Alright, I'm gonna hit that hard subject. I seem to be hitting alot of hard subjects. Mainly because I want to express how I feel, but then I know SO many people feel different. If you do, you do. Don't start an arguement or hate me because we think differently....more

Children of the future.

This may be a touchy subject for some people, but I am tired of the ways some people are raising their kids. Which, I guess, people can say that about me, but I'm not talking about me ;)...more

The Vow.

The vows. The words that drive every woman wild. No really, we go crazy."I, (Bride/Groom), take you (Groom/Bride), to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part."...more

Valentine's day

i was at work today and someone told me Happy Valentine's day and I said thank you. They then asked if I was expenting flowers or chocolate when I got home. I said no. I have been with fiance for 4 years, he knows I love flowers, and what woman doesn't like candy or chocolate!?...more