And the Fog Lifts

Lately, I've been in a fog. A self-imposed, gloomy state. I had let worry, concern and impatience over this adoption take control. This morning I had a reality check. I say that I know God is in control. I say that I trust Him to care for my child while I can't. I say that I know that he or she is not fatherless, that the most amazing Father they could possibly have is caring for them. I say that I know His timing is what is best, and that He is in control of all things. ...more

fast food voo-doo

Salsarita's is tricky. They are smart. I don't know how but they can always pull $20 right out of my wallet. EVERYtime. We go there every Monday (yes, I know we're weird), and we'll be like: "This time we're going to cut back and save some money." Because, let's face it, twenty bucks is a lot of money for fast food, especially for 2 and a half people. And it's really a lot of money when you only budget $50 to eat out on for the whole week- and remember this is Monday. ...more

the elephant in our relationship

Dear Friend, I had a great time today. I really did. It was great to talk and catch up and laugh. There is only one thing I wish I could have told you. When you completely ignore the fact that we are adopting, it makes things so awkward. I know you know. I told you we were. When I was pregnant, we talked all things baby. You were so excited for me. We talked about baby clothes. We talked about losing sleep. We talked about names. You told me how happy you were for me. ...more

 Though in my case it was talking about the infertility problems and life complications of an ...more

The Pain of Waiting

Child of Mine, I wish I knew your name. Or how old you are. Or where you are. Or if you're a boy or a girl. What ethnicity you are. But mostly, I wish I knew your name. It seems so small, it's just a name. But a name is so primary, fundamental- essentially, it's who you are. My prayers would seem so much more personal if I knew your name. Oh, how I pray for you. I wish you knew that. ...more

and this post sums up how I felt and what I went through before each one of them came to me. ...more