In the Heart of the Sea…is my girl

Ahoy, mates!...more

Back on the Soccer Field {in all its glory and defeat}

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and there isn’t any snow on the ground! In New England, that means Fall. And in this family, that means soccer....more

labor day weekend: work hard, play hard

Labor Day! A dreamy four-day weekend and the last hurrah before school really begins. But before we play, we must labor ....more

I Loved These Books…and You Might, Too

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The OM-Goodness I Can’t Stop Eating This Salsa!

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The End of Summer and Start of School (woo-wee!)

The night before school required one more trip to the water…...more

To Kim, the Young Mom Who Inspired Me

It’s been a great summer. We’ve traveled to foreign lands, gathered for sweet reunions, swum and swam the Atlantic and Pacific ocean blue. We’ve...more

The Delicious Blueberry Peach Smoothie

Hello friends! After an unexpected (and very fun) trip to San Diego (much to tell!) I’m back in blogging action with a seasonal, easy, and delicious smoothie for you. It...more

The Last of the Great Adventure: Normandy and Paris

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