A Recent Conversation With Mama Moo Moo

The other day I stopped by to chat with Mama Moo Moo It can take awhile to catch Mama’s attention with all that grass out there. But Baby sees...more

The Month of the Pants and Other Weekend Love

1. So I have these pair of purple pants. 2. I find purple pants rather liberating. 3 ....more

The Nine Best Minutes…is now a podcast!

Do you remember the post on “The Nine Minutes that Have the Greatest Impact?” After I wrote it, it was posted on Powerofmoms.com....more

Stop Stealing Dreams: What Are Sports For?

Seth Godin wrote a manifesto called Stop Stealing Dreams: What is School For?...more

Spooktacular Fun

Halloween dawned early bird special in our houseAh, a rare morning when I was “fun mom.”...more

Game-Changing Weekend Love

1. It’s Fall! How can I keep from singing? 2 ....more

Sunday Meditations: of small miracles atop wood chips

Last tuesday, Paige came to me with her sad “I’m in the dentist chair” face. It looks like this: She wasn’t actually at the dentist. She was sad because she had lost my fitness watch, specifically, the small seaglass disc to this cool new fitness & sleep contraption I...more

The Incredible Matt Nathanson’s Benefit Concert for Uganda

The guitars sat quietly, waiting for the masters to start strumming their strings When Matt and Aaron (childhood buddy and bandmate) take the stage, the storytelling begins. I’ve never seen anyone engage an audience the way Matt does. Matt had just arrived from New York City ....more

D.C. in Pictures & the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

Fifty years ago this year, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed. President Kennedy was assassinated before he saw the day come, but when Lyndon Johnson signed the act, he said their was no better tribute to our fallen president. Many of my personal heroes come from the civil rights era, and though a quick trip to D.C. came at a terribly busy time, I was easily talked into...more

Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting (best fall cookie)

It’s been quiet on the blog, I know. But I’m making up for the silence by sharing my most favorite fall dessert: pumpkin cookies with cream cheese...more