Game-Changing Weekend Links

Hello darlings. I hope you’re going into a restful weekend with your peeps (I’m ready for a nap.) There’s some great things going on in the world. Here’s some...more

Easy Buttermilk Drop Biscuits

This is...more

Real Quotes From Real Kids

Occasionally I get nice notes :) Yes, all of these statements recently came from the mouths of my dear sweet babes. And, well, if you think this household is all butterflies and sunshine… The Top Ten: 1. “I don’t need a coat ....more

The Incredible Designers at {and a give-away for you}

Have you heard of I’ve been following them on Instagram for awhile, drooling over the gorgeous artwork and photography. I love this site ....more

Green Shamrock Smoothie (the gut healer)

It’s that time of year when the Shamrock Shake is calling your name, luring you into its beguiling drive-thru. You find yourself compromising your health for a shared memory. “It’s March!” you say ....more

What I Know From 40 Years Around the Block

“I am thinking about you on the eve of your natal day (as the Pirate King says.) After marriage, that day was the most important day of my life; becoming a mother. And Twice! I don’t think we ever got over the miracle of those two babies ....more

Game-Changing Weekend Links (it’s all about love)

from thisheartomine Are you having...more

A Valentine’s Day Blizzard Weekend

What a weekend. Cold temps, much chocolate, giggling cousins (!), a magnificent play, a photography class, and coughing fits, all made Valentine’s extra special. At this time I’d...more

Homemade Dark Chocolate

Healthy. Easy. Delicious ....more

Book Recommendations

Oh, I do love posting book recommendation. It’s like telling you a big secret and in return, you tell me something juicy too. January was a good reading month ....more