Monday Encouragment

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Tasty Cauliflower Rice {and so healthy!}

Looking for a...more

Waiting at the Kitchen Table

And…a new school year begins. As always, we are off and running. Are you running, too? ...more

19 Years

This past week The Professor and I celebrated 19 years of marriage by going to a basketball game. Ha. It just goes to show that I’d follow my love boy anywhere For the record, we also got away to Maine last weekend and ate a lot of cheese ....more

How to Stay in Touch After You All Leave Home

Last summer my mom said: “We need to stay in touch better. I’ve been feeling disconnected.” Remember when you and your siblings all lived at home under the same roof? Remember how you knew...more

The Great New Hampshire, Vermont Food Tour

The idea of eating our way across New Hampshire was all Glenn’s fault, who knows the way to The Professors heart: food. More specifically, after reading an article about the best doughnuts in every single state, he decided we needed to do our duty and find out. You know, some people visit every state to run marathons ....more

Scenes From the Wild Wild West

19 years ago, for our honeymoon, The Professor and I drove a couple thousand miles from Salt Lake City and put down roots at a boarding school in a teeny tiny town in New Hampshire. “We’ll stay 2-3 years and than fly away to a new adventure.” Turns out boarding school life in rural New Hampshire was adventure enough. It’s become my home and the best place I could dream of to raise a family next door to hay fields, show donkeys, and holsteins ....more

We’ll Be Glad, For All the Love We Had

First, thank you...more

To Heather, With Love

I often joke that marrying into my husband’s family was the best decision I ever made for my writing career. But don’t think that that hasn’t been painful. The...more