Thank You Jodie

On the night of the Golden Globe Awards I watched the news as my husband cooked lemon garlic pork chops and mustard greens. Our plan was a quiet dinner. We had no intention of watching the awards show; it’s really not our thing. But during a commercial break from the news, I caught a glimpse of the red carpet interviews....more

What I Learned On A Weekend Getaway

My husband and I are crossing a bridge to a resort island for a fall weekend getaway.  It’s just the two of us in the car and we take in the sight of salt marshes stretched out beneath us and sailboats on the horizon. It is a familiar beauty, this road to the beach; we have taken it before. There were summer family vacations here. There were getaways like this one; weekends without the kids. But this is the first time that we cross this bridge in our fifth decade....more

I Want My Cool Back

 My daughter and I sit in a coffee shop near her college campus. She has just turned twenty and I watch her drink mocha latte topped with whipped cream while I sip herbal tea infused with antioxidants. She wears skinny jeans and a lace tank top, her blond hair swept back into a smooth ponytail. I have on Bermuda shorts, but I am sporting my new denim jacket and I have remembered to flat iron my hair so it is only medium frizzy. ...more

Childhood Friends Make Midlife Easier

 I am in the midst of motherhood when the phone rings and I see the name of a childhood friend on caller ID: a woman whom I have known since I was five years old but have seen only a few times since we were eighteen. I hear her voice and it sounds like home. I still think of us as girls. I can see us on picture day in kindergarten and I remember her smile outlined in dimples....more

Why Am I Still Driving A Mom Bus?

It's a hot Monday morning in June and there is no breeze; the air is still and I can feel July approaching.  I've awoken late and I lie in bed thinking about metal and rubber, about machines that take us from point A to point B, about cars. My daughter has her own car and my son will soon have his own; why I am still driving a mom bus? I think about my daughter's upcoming move into her first apartment....more

My Son And Me

My son has a job as a lifeguard this summer, and today I drive him to work. Though he now has his driver’s license, he does not yet have his own car and so for the time being, we must share mine and he is being a good sport about it. I drive slowly; neither of us has an agenda and there are no external distractions. We are simply mother and son, each fully present, as we so often were when he was young; before I became preoccupied with the passing of time and midlife reinvention, and before he became preoccupied with the demands of growing up and teenage activities....more
Thanks so much Robin.  I love your post on teens and bloggingmore

Summer Plans At 50

  It is now late May, almost Memorial Day, and I realize that I have made no plans for a summer holiday. Ever since my children were very young, I have been planning our summer vacations, spending countless hours each spring researching hotel deals, scanning city maps and reading Fodor’s reviews....more

A Desk Of My Own


Kindle Fire

 by Amy Ruhlin    I finally broke down and bought a Kindle, b...more

Thank You Carole King

Carole King - Tapestry, a photo by Piano Piano! on Flickr....more