Meltdown from Within The Spectrum

“Why don’t you just behave and listen to your mother?” snapped my father angrily.  He lifted up Michael by the back of his shirt from where he’d splayed himself on the floor of the Ikea entry way.  I stood there, paralyzed by a mixture of anger, frustration, embarrassment and horror.  Before I had time to think my father was swatting my screaming child on the bottom, which led to even louder wails.  ...more

The Peonies Are In Bloom

I spent six weeks one summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan....more

Thank you for the kind words! :)more

The Summer of 1962

My  mother, who was passing me in the hallway in the morning and at night, might have a reason for being out of touch with my feelings and moods.  She was always busy, always distracted, but lately had seemed even more so.  She had a lot on her plate at work always, heart breaking stories of single women who were struggling to make it by suing for child support, or even worse, the stories where the mothers simply didn't care about anyone but themselves and screwing as many people (literally and figuratively) along the way to get what they wanted.  ...more

The First One To Go

This post is featured on my blog, My Former Life, in which I recount one memory a day during the year of my 40th birthday. We were in the car, on the way to Grand Rapids, again....more

Fear Is The Highest Fence

The following post is featured on my blog, "My Former Life," in which I am recounting 365 memories in the year of my 40th birthday. “MOOOOM!!” ...more

There's A Place You Can Go

This post is featured on my blog, My Former Life, in which I will post 365 memories in the year of my 40th birthday. I hope I come up with some lessons from the first 40 to take into the second 40 years of my life. My father moved to an apartment about half an hour away from us. ...more

Paper Routes and Sunrises

This post is featured on my blog, My Former Life, in which I will blog a memory every day in preparation for my 40th birthday.It was...the summer of 1980. I was not quite yet 10 years old, and it was just before 5am.  I left my house on my blue two wheeler in the cool darkness, finding my way through the sleepy suburban streets.  No one was awake at home when I left; not my mother, not my older sister or brother.  I wasn't even sure that anyone knew I was gone....more

New Blog

Hi!I joined blogher a long time ago after noticing all of my favorite blogs showed a proud advertisement from Blog Her.  I read tons of blogs and decided it was time for me to tell the story that I've been living for twenty plus years.  And I started a new blog to do it: I will be delving back into my past and telling my story, one day at a time, the way I see so many others out there do it. I find everyone else's stories so interesting...wonder if anyone will find mine interesting as well?Thanks......more

very interesting, I just hung out on your blog for a bit! musicians AMAZE me, thanks for ...more