How to Blog (Better): Taking Your Blogging Off-Line with Windows Live Writer

I like to think of myself as a bit of a techie. I can't write code or anything hard-core like that, but I could set up your home network, install a new hard drive (or any other peripheral) in a desktop chassis, upgrade the RAM in anything, and wipe a hard drive and install a new operating system with no problems (including Linux!)....more

The screen shot of Live Writer looks different. I'll assume it's because you're using Windows 7 ...more

Blogher 10 Party Recap: Part Two

I know, it is crazy that I wasn’t able to finish the party recap in one post, but even in my diminished state (because of work to be done at BlogHer) I still managed to hit a lot of great parties that demand to be dissected.Because that’s how I muthaf*ckin’ roll, people.Friday Addendum...more

BlogHer 10: Party Recap for Thursday and Friday

Okay, so after all my planning and advice-giving on getting the most out of your BlogHer experience through the power of organization, I thought it fair...more

BlogHer '10: Tips from a Party Animal

Now is about the time that all the parent-bloggers and women bloggers headed to NYC for BlogHer '10 (only three more weeks!) are starting to seriously attempt to unsnarl the conference's labyrinth of possibilities. I don't have experience with other conferences, but for this one there are actually TWO separate schedules that must be figured out.  First, there is the slew of fantastic sessions that you will want to attend. Second, there are so many parties going on that one can't possibly attend them all....more

Prepping for BlogHer '10: The Popular Blogger

There's been a lot of talk on BlogHer the past couple months about whether or not popular, more established bloggers are obligated to help beginning bloggers.... So I should tell you up front that this VLOG has nothing to do with those articles and everything to do with reveling in one's popularity. ;) I present a blogger-ized parody of Popular from the musical Wicked. (Lyrics below.) ...more

Well done!more

Karaoke Secrets Revealed

I know everyone who isn't going to BlogHer must be dreadfully sick of hearing about it, but as it is a mere four days away now I find that I am more consumed by it with each passing hour! ...more