Sometimes God Gives You Exactly What You Want, Right When You Need It Most

This week the loyalty of the Great Pyrenees breed has set the social media sphere buzzing with the story about a Great Pyrenees in Texas who sat on the side of a highway next to the body of his friend who had been killed and would not leave.I would like to share my own story about the Great Pyrenees, more specifically, two Great Pyrenees that have meant a lot to my family. ...more

On Your 27th Birthday - Even Your Death Can't Dim Your Glow

Each day I carry the pain of losing you, but two dates on the calendar deliver a special sting. The day we lost you, and today.October 23.You would have turned 27. Another year has passed and you are not here.I want to rail at the unfairness. I feel angry and honestly ripped off.This year the peak of the foliage of the fall season is happening squarely during the week of your birthday....more
beautiful words just like your beautiful face and soul.  love Suebmore

White Lace and Heartbroken Tears

On the first day of the month;I had one friend beginning her married life, And one friend saying goodbye to the love of her life and the life she thought she would have.One wore a white lace dress that she will have specially sealed for her daughter for that special someday far off in the future. Her heart was full, as she shed tears of joy, surrounded by friend’s and family as she stepped out of that church and off on her new adventure beside the man whom she loves and will share her life with....more

New Year, New Soul… and Sharing the Light…


Pain and Perspective

I was heading to the grocery store, listening to my sad songs....more

#60 Days of Faith, Hope, and Love

When I found out that Healing is the theme for Blogher’s September NaBloPoMo, I knew I had to join.Right now, I am in need of healing from the biggest heartbreak I’ve ever faced.You see, on Sunday, September 7th it will have been 60 days since I last saw my stepson Ryan’s beautiful smile....more
LilyLeung Thank you so much Lily.  I so appreciate your comment.  We are still taking things day ...more

Valentine’s Day –Three Reasons To Make it a Work of Heart

Tomorrow is the big day.  Valentine's Day!While some of you have been waiting and planning since we began 2014, from the comments I've seen on social media, I think more of you have been dreading it. It seems like a majority of folks this year are denouncing it as a “greeting card holiday”, created by companies to grab your dough during the drought between Christmas and Mother’s day.  While this may be true – at least somewhat, my heart won’t let me believe it. ...more

Dear Polar Vortex

 January 8, 2014 Dear Polar Vortex:      You may have won a few of the battles over the last couple of days here at our house, but you didn’t keep us down.  ...more
I clearly was the last person to hear the term polar vortex (I heard it on tv once yesterday on ...more

One Word Changed My Life

2014 will be the third time that I’ve thrown out the idea of making a list of resolutions and instead focused on just one word for the year.Many have said this practice is life-changing. For me, it has not only changed my life, but it has changed me.To select my word for the year, I begin by asking myself, “Who do I want to be at the end of next year when I am sitting in front of the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, looking at the lights on the Christmas tree?”...more

He Saw My Heart From 750 Miles Away

We met, by serendipity, on a sunny, September afternoon – in none other than an AOL chat room. We only chatted for about 10 minutes. That was that, or so I thought. For some reason Michael stuck in my mind and the next day, we chatted again. ...more
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