Life As I Know It

It's been quite a long while since being given time to get on here. I still haven't a clue as to how you put pictures on here. I'd love to share with you all how my little honey bunches of cuteness is growing!He will be 5 months old on the 25th of this month. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???It definately seems like just last week I was dying to go back to work so I wouldn't be bored all day with him sleeping as much as he did. ...more


What is marriage mean to you?Is it a means to get bills paid, health benefits, guiltless sex?Is it a union between two people who love eachother? To me it's a partnership. It's working together. It's supporting one another. ...more


We had a disagreement today. Ugh. This morning started out so nice too. But he had to be a parent and that is SO not in his job duties apparently. So before I said anything too sarcastic, as it is in my nature to do, I picked up my camera and left to clear my head. I got some pretty good pictures of the snow that no one expected to get over night.I'm going to go try to figure out how to add those pictures to here. Ha!Wish me luck!  ...more

Cooking my way through Pioneer Woman?

So I am finally feeling back in my groove. Where I want to cook again. I've missed cooking. I love it so much. I think it's the fact that I'm feeding my family. Some what from scratch-ish. I do so enjoy testing out new recipes. I'm thinking of doing some posts as I cook my way through The Pioneer Woman's cook book. ...more

Ugh...Baby blues??

Maybe I'm just slowly losing my mind. Or maybe I've already lost it. Or maybe I've never had it! (shudder to think)I do feel like I'm sleeping my life away. Mabe all new mom's feel this way. Your day consists of waking when your bundle of joy wakes and you do only a few things:a. feed himb. change himc. put him back to sleep. ...more

Week 3 and I love it

It's week 3 and I am finally getting the hang of staying home. I think I am still looking forward to going back to work in 4 weeks, but it's not a sure thing yet. Oh, I'll go back, but the fact that I'll enjoy going's a really pretty Tuesday afternoon. I'm babysitting and cleaning house and jamming out to the radio. The sun is shining but it's cloudy too. It's not too hot and not too cold. Just lovely.I was quite happy that Drew slept in till 4am this morning. However, he didn't fall back asleep until 7....humph.......more

Must be doing something right...

Huge sigh of relief.......more

Dr. update

Well, so far at Drew's dr appt yesterday he has now gained weight! Monday he was at 4.12lbs and as of yesterday he weighed in at 5.2lbs. We are slowly making imporvements. We go back friday for another weigh in and then I have my dr appt on monday for my post baby check up. I am surprised at myself and how well I have been getting around considering I did just have a baby. I've been shopping twice and even tho my bones hurt at the end of the day, it does feel pretty good to get up and actually move without feeling like a baby will fall out of me : ) ...more

Baby Drew.

He is now sleeping. Finally. It has now been a 8 days since Baby Drew has made his appearance. He was born a healthy 6lbs 19in long. He is beautiful. Perfect. But I might be slightly biast. We have had some slight complications, however. Instead of gaining weight, he has been dropping weight. I know it is normal for newborns to lose a little bit after being born, but his weight drop is not. Born at 6lbs, left the hospital at 5.9lbs, weigh in on friday was 5.1lbs and weight in yesterday was 4.12lbs. ...more

Story of my life

I'm sure you all are not surprised, I have not had a minute to myself! I'll be back to update soon!Love,Amy...more