Maybe It's Time to Steal from the Poets

I was seduced by poetry at a young age, and it became a true north star for me during my adolescence. I think I learned how to write from falling in love with poetry. I’m a full-time advertising copywriter for Resource Ammirati, an IBM company, and I've blogged and written for magazines for the last decade. But mostly I am a poet.It took me a long time to say that and not laugh. I'm not an academic poet. I'm more of the Bukowski of the minivan crowd. I'm the everywoman poet of Columbus, Ohio....more
Thanks! I enjoyed your attitude and your poems.more

If I Do Something Bad, Will You Still Love Me?

Nearly every day I drive my car past a sign that announces a watershed up the road. I say the word out loud all the time. Watershed. It is a word that I want to harness. I want to own. I think about marked points across time and space. I think about Judeo-Christian mythology and the fall of Eden. I think about wars and love and the way people turn on a dime and walk into the forest of regret. Watershed. ...more

Could you whisper in my ear the things you wanna feel

They played fake alternative music during lunchtime at the restaurant where I worked in college. I never wanted to like Johnny Rzeznik but I kind of did. It was that year when I drove across country when my sometimes boyfriend died. I took off in an old blue Toyota Corolla with three friends who were not in grief and rolled away with my mother’s gas card towards freedom. I am certain we were all pushing towards some sort of hopeful Kerouac moment. We were pushing back the cobwebs of a summer spent working at a Presbyterian Church camp deep in the forest....more

Danny Boy: The Importance of Being in the Moment

We were in the North of England with a friend, and we had a proper holiday party at his mother's home with king prawn and big beers and Irish Whiskey in tiny cups. And we wore the colored thin paper Christmas hats and let the back door swing open to hang our heads out and smoke cigarettes that came in packs of ten. And the cold air licked our smooth faces and we shivered towards midnight. ...more

I want to write like her when I grow up.


Learning to Love the Gap Between My Teeth

It was so startling to see my teeth when she handed me the small mirror and asked me to inspect her handiwork. She told me at least twelve times how gorgeous my teeth looked, but something was off kilter when I looked back at myself. I did look more conventional -- more like everyone else with nice white square straight teeth -- but something was gone and it just wasn't the negative space between the teeth. ...more
I went today to pick up my new dentures. Surprise! There is a gap between the two front teeth! ...more

National Poetry Month: Breakfast Poem in Five Minutes (With a Timer)

My Aunt Lee who lived in Florida with the real name of Leoda would marinade her steak for days in some odd concoction of 7-up and spices ...more

I would have to say "hi" to anyone posting poetry on "Hey!" :_)

And this poem ...more

But if you try sometimes you just might find

Finn started soccer last night. Joe and his pal Will are coaching the team. It was a night we looked forward to for a long time. Finn could not stop talking about soccer and his team and the majestic wonder of it all. I feel like he is more like me than I want him to be. Sometimes I think Finn pumps up something in his mind to such a high power that it cannot ever measure up in reality. He is like me- trying to get ...more

This I believe

I wrote this in 2005, at the start of my blog..the blog that never really got a going until about a year ago...It took a while to find myself online and apparently it took me some time to send NPR an essay. I am doing it this month. I am! ...more

you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows

I wish I would have known that being the most popular girl at Camp Otterbein would have meant nothing twenty years into future. That being said, the same goes for class clown, undercover slut, and biggest bullshitter during formative high school years. It was tough work and for nothing really. Fast forward to motherhood and I am without the minions flocking wildly to be with me. I am at times alone and a bit deflated by the reality of my idealistic interpretation of family social life a few years back. I imagined a baby on my hip and toddler in tow at fabulous dinner parties. ...more