The 10 Types of Halloween Anxiety (For Parents)

Of course kids love Halloween — it’s the most rule-breaking holiday of the year! Candy for dinner, staying up past bedtime and wearing dress-up clothes outside adds up to an epically spook-tacular night. But for parents responsible for all the planning and preparation, pulling off their kids’ dream Halloween is no easy feat ....more

10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy Is Harder Than Your First

Puking is never fun, but doing it for an audience is a special kind of hell. Morning sickness seized me while I was home alone with my daughter, who followed me right into the bathroom as usual. I didn’t want her to be scared, but since I couldn’t speak while hurling, I just kept patting her head while I aimed for the bowl ....more

On The Lam From The Library Cops

“SECOND OVERDUE NOTICE” screams the email in my inbox. That seems kind of hostile, from the sweet little public library branch on the corner, but it’s a regular occurrence for me these days. I was so excited when my toddler daughter grew out of gnawing on her books because it meant we could start visiting the library ....more

How To Get Pregnant At 43

Just follow these easy steps: 1. Have your first baby at 40. 2. Start trying for #2 and panic when it doesn’t happen right away. 3 ....more

Should CPS Be Called Every Time A Kid Plays Unsupervised?

I just read yet another story about Child Protective Services being called to investigate what seems to be a perfectly innocent situation, and frankly, I’m pissed. A mother of three lets her kids play up the street while she’s inside. The youngest, age 6, is spotted alone on a park bench ....more

10 Reasons Moms Look Annoyed

No matter how much you love being a mom, sometimes it’s hard to keep a smile on your face. As rewarding as your “job” is, it’s also frustrating, repetitive and maddeningly illogical. On any given day, one, or maybe all of these annoying things might be happening to you (and I realize this list doesn’t even scratch the surface): 1 ....more

Screw Bedtime! – Why I’m Still Helping My Daughter Fall Asleep Every Night

My bedtime routine leaves something to be desired. I’m spending up to an hour each night sardined into my daughter’s twin bed (oh why, oh why didn’t I buy the double?) waiting for her to just pass out already. This was not my idea ....more

The Lies I Tell My Carnivore Kid About My Vegetarian Diet

I’m a truth-telling mom, most of the time. I don’t shy away from the tough topics, and my 3-year-old daughter knows more about the uterus than the average adult male. But when it comes to my vegetarianism, I’m a big fat liar ....more

Huckleberry Cookbook Giveaway

I have very good news....more

What I Learned On My First Kid-Free Vacation

After three and half years in the parenting trenches, my husband and I took our first adults-only vacation (our honeymoon) at a resort in Big Sur, California. I didn’t feel too guilty about leaving our daughter behind with her grandparents, because ice cream. The real question was, would I be okay? ...more