10 Reasons Moms Look Annoyed

No matter how much you love being a mom, sometimes it’s hard to keep a smile on your face. As rewarding as your “job” is, it’s also frustrating, repetitive and maddeningly illogical. On any given day, one, or maybe all of these annoying things might be happening to you (and I realize this list doesn’t even scratch the surface): 1 ....more

Screw Bedtime! – Why I’m Still Helping My Daughter Fall Asleep Every Night

My bedtime routine leaves something to be desired. I’m spending up to an hour each night sardined into my daughter’s twin bed (oh why, oh why didn’t I buy the double?) waiting for her to just pass out already. This was not my idea ....more

The Lies I Tell My Carnivore Kid About My Vegetarian Diet

I’m a truth-telling mom, most of the time. I don’t shy away from the tough topics, and my 3-year-old daughter knows more about the uterus than the average adult male. But when it comes to my vegetarianism, I’m a big fat liar ....more

Huckleberry Cookbook Giveaway

I have very good news....more

What I Learned On My First Kid-Free Vacation

After three and half years in the parenting trenches, my husband and I took our first adults-only vacation (our honeymoon) at a resort in Big Sur, California. I didn’t feel too guilty about leaving our daughter behind with her grandparents, because ice cream. The real question was, would I be okay? ...more

5 Things That Went Hilariously Wrong At My Wedding

In the anxious days leading up to my wedding, married friends warned me that no matter how much I planned, some little thing would inevitably go wrong and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I counted five things: 1. It Rained When you plan a Malibu wedding in July during one of the worst droughts in history, you’re all but guaranteed fabulous weather....more

The Conception Diaries

Hello there, I’ve been asked to write a weekly Conception Diary over at mom.me, alongside two other writers, all of us trying to conceive right before your very eyes!...more

10 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding

One more post for World Breastfeeding Week....more

When Babies Prefer Boobs to Bottles

I wrote this for World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7)....more

10 Reasons Moms Look Exhausted All The Time

I have to give you the backstory on this one....more