Kids’ Extracurriculars: Expectations vs. Reality

Why do we enroll our little kids in extracurricular activities? I mean, seriously, why? My daughter’s only four, so it’s not about padding her college applications ....more

But, Wait, I Thought You Wanted a Little Sister!

My preschooler knew I was pregnant long before I planned to tell her. I’d been waiting to pass the genetic screening before I rocked my kid’s world, yet when I was only five...more

7 Secret Perks of Pregnancy Bed Rest

Those of you who knew me when I was on bed rest with Viv will not believe I am glorifying it now (I hated it!)....more

My Husband Thinks I’m a Hoarder

I’ll admit it—I’ve saved every letter written to me at sleepaway camp circa 1984. And all of my concert t-shirts. And my sixth grade sticker collection ....more

My 3-Year-Old’s Obsession with Pregnancy, Pubic Hair and Birth

“Do I have a uterus?” my 3-year-old wants to know. “Yes!” I tell her enthusiastically. “When you’re an adult, if you decide to have a baby, it will grow in your uterus.” “So I have a uterus all day?” “Yes.” “Does Daddy have a uterus?” This is the sort of conversation I have daily with my precocious and gynecologically-inclined preschooler ....more

Christmas in Solvang

If you live outside California, you may never have heard of Solvang- a charming village near Santa Barbara that was founded by Danish settlers in 1911 (the name Solvang means “Sunny Fields” in Danish). When deciding whether to visit Solvang, ask yourself, is your favorite part of Ikea the cafe where they serve the Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam?...more

Read All About It

Are you by any chance: (A) Stuck in line at the post office mailing holiday gifts? (B) Killing time in the pick-up line while a bunch of jerks I mean very nice parents at your kid’s school take their sweet damn time? or (C) Trying to find a reason to stay seated at your computer so you can finish a second cup of coffee and a bunch of sprinkled Xmas cookies that are so disgusting/delicious for breakfast? ...more

7 Reasons I Hate Wearing a Bra

Loyal Readers: I wrote the following post for

My Daughter’s First Nutcracker Ballet (aka Just How Long Can a Preschooler Sit Still?)

Since my nearly 4-year-old daughter is taking ballet and wears mainly tutus these days, I couldn’t resist getting tickets to our local production of The Nutcracker. I’d like to tell you we dressed her up for the occasion, but this is pretty much a typical day around here. When I was growing up in Connecticut, my mom used to take me into Manhattan to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, and it was a big deal....more

9 New Years Resolutions This Mom’s Guaranteed to Break

It’s that time of year again, so let’s wipe the slate clean and set some personal goals for 2015, shall we? As a first-time mom, I’m always looking to up my game, and I know I have lots of room for improvement. Of course, with every well-intentioned resolution comes the realization of just how easily I’ll screw it up. 1 ....more