Salvia and YouTube

I have spent the last few days trying to understand why over 5600 some-odd young men and women would ever think it was a good idea to document the act of experimenting with a hallucinagen and then post it on YouTube. I get the experimentation. Completely. Growing up in the '70s our generation wrote the book on risky behavior. And I think much of those experiences made us more understanding parents when our kids decided to experiment themselves. But the privacy thing blows me away.  ...more

Musings from the 'Home Office'

I recently posted a version of this post about working at home at I had just finished chatting with another work at home mom (WAHM). Wham!! (well you know what I mean). I like that. Look, some women want to be MILFs, some like being WHAMs. Wait, can't I be a WAHM and a MILF? ...more