Crafts for Kids: Happy Handmade eBook

As an avid “maker” I have a huge stash of arts and crafts books for kids. They cover all aspects of art, science, math, activities, crafts and more, but what was missing from my library was a book on creating with and for your kids. Until now ....more

Science Art: Rainbow Spin Mixing

To say I’m crazy about today’s science art project is probably an understatement. My patio is now covered in rainbow coffee filters made by me and the kids. I love simple projects that demonstrate a variety of scientific concepts and today’s project Rainbow Spin Mixing does just that twice over! ...more

Paper Crafts: Paper Pulp Pendants

When most people think of paper crafts they automatically think of cutting, folding, gluing, etc. but how often do you think of crushing paper? Today’s project is a novel way to create with paper with...more

Sensory Play Ideas: Confetti Rice

I’ve been researching sensory play ideas like mad lately. My...more

Our Most Popular Post of 2014

Happy New Year! It is going to be a wonderful year and I’m so excited you are along for the journey! To all of you who read my blog regularly THANK YOU! ...more


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Make a Psychedelic Snowflake

Last week I showed you how to make Sticky Snowflakes, today I’m showing you how to make a Psychedelic Snowflake. This project has been in the works ever since I purchased an obscene amount of large coffee filters at the store recently. I knew they would come in handy somehow, I just didn’t have the […] The post Make a Psychedelic Snowflake appeared first on Babble Dabble Do ....more

Christmas Sensory Play Series

Catch our...more

Easy Science for Kids: Winter Scent Lab

If you’re stuck inside this winter try some easy science for kids:...more

Homemade Ornaments | How The Grinch Stole Christmas

You probably have guessed my fondness for making homemade ornaments by now. In fact I just decorated our small retro white Christmas tree and realized that 90% of the ornaments on it were made by me and the kids! So of course I jumped at the chance to join forces with 70+ bloggers in participating […] The post Homemade Ornaments | How The Grinch Stole Christmas appeared first on Babble Dabble Do ....more