Secrets About Beekeepers

The cold February night  I walked into my first beekeeping course, I wasn’t sure I would actually become a beekeeper. But being a single woman who genuinely likes men, on the first night of class when I saw that the majority of the sixty-plus course registrants were men, it was a very pleasant surprise. I simply hadn’t thought about this possibility beforehand. I decided to become a beekeeper. ...more

Overwintering Bee Hives

We've hit our first frost here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it came with a snowstorm. Beekeepers are preparing hives for overwintering. I'm a first year beekeeper and I'm thrilled that my honey bee colony is healthy as we head into winter.Here are a few recommendations for overwintering your bee hive. I’m sure you are already on it, but in just in case you're looking for suggestions, consider these: ...more
Grew up by bee farms but always find this weird. MT @BlogHer For urban farmers among ...more