Are Food Bloggers Negotiating Opportunities?

So how does it happen? Food bloggers making money from their writing, photography, advertising; have they negotiated the paid work? Did the blogger initiate it or did the opportunity come to them? And maybe more importantly, for those of us who may not have the paid work that we want, did we try to negotiate every opportunity presented to us? ...more

I agree it's a delicate matter. Sometimes you can't get money, but you might be able to get ...more

A Delicious Decision in the Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook Case

Have any of you wondered what happened in the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook case?  Being an attorney* and a food blogger**, I was very intrigued with the issues involved. Little did I know that close to two years later, I'd be preparing to speak about some of those issues as a member of the "Protecting Yourself and Your Work" panel at BlogHer Food '09. ...more

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