Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday

And there it is. I can't come up with a song for Wednesday. But I'm still doing Week in the Life! ...more

Week in the Life 2014: Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

I know, I'm probably going to run out of song titles very quickly here. But I'm having fun now. So, as predicted, my participation kind of fizzled on Tuesday ....more

Week in the Life 2014: Monday, Monday

I'm so glad I decided to do this project. I worried about it, probably more than I should have, but it turns out that I'll be happy with whatever I capture as long as I remember to keep going. I had big plans to wake up before the kids yesterday, but couldn't sleep the night before thanks to a Big Fat Nap I took on Sunday afternoon ....more

My Week in The Life Project: Setting Myself Up for Success

It's been a while since I posted a project I made on Monday, and I hope to get back to that! But this week is going to be different - I'll be playing along with Ali Edwards' Week In The Life. It's a one week photo/writing/scrapbooking project to capture as much as you can of your day-to-day life's details ....more

I am going to Photoshop All The Things!

A few weeks ago I was clicking around on CreativeLive, looking at their upcoming class schedule. I found a list of classes that were filming soon in Seattle and looking for live audience members. I've always wondered how the audience got selected for the classes I've watched ....more

Children's Book Review: Petunia, the Girl Who Was NOT a Princess

Petunia, the Girl Who Was Not a Princess By M. R. Nelson, Holly Liminton Funny story. I read Cloud's blog for at least a year before I realized our paths had crossed in real life ....more

Scaling Up Without Losing Sleep - A Project Plan and A Class

(Note: this is not an affiliate post or sponsored in any way. I just really love these classes!) One of my big challenges with my creative businesses is how to scale them without literally running out of time. When I started working as a project management consultant this spring, I stopped taking custom orders in my metal shop ....more

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Hold This Thread As I Walk Away (Sweaters)

Today I'm sharing the sweaters and cardigans in my Fall/Winter capsule. And I actually have a few photos of me wearing the items, rather than the skinny models. ...more

Five Easy Fall Photos You Can Take

I love capturing my life in photos, and I take hundreds each month with my phone, my DSLR and even my point-and-shoot camera. But not everyone has the time or inclination to take so many photos and then deal with sorting through them....more

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Where Are My Pants?

I'm about a week into using my capsule wardrobe and loving it. Which is not surprising since so much of it is brand new. I love new clothes, especially this time since I didn't buy the cheapest thing in front of me without trying it on ....more