Currently: January 2015

Looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend, too! As part of my New Year's Life Evaluation process, I'm trying to figure out where blogging fits in. I love having a record of the things we did and stuff I made, but time is at a premium these days and something's gotta go....more

Getting on that bandwagon

Despite being born in the mid-70s while the Pittsburgh Steelers were in the middle of a huge run of Superbowls, I've never been much of a football fan. My husband decided in 2006 (after the season started!) that he'd like to buy season tickets for the Seattle Seahawks so he went to the stadium...more

Engage & Complete: One Word Out for 2014, One Word In for 2015

For the past few years I have been picking a one word theme to represent what I want to work on that year. 2012 was reduce 2013 was mindfulness 2014 was engage I picked a good one for 2014 - I had to work on "staying in it" and not checking out in situations that make me uncomfortable or angry. What helped the most, surprisingly, was making myself a sterling silver cuff bracelet with the word stamped on it ....more

Creath Week 2014 Album Complete!

I have a tendency to finish 90%...more

One more day!

I've been quiet here on the blog because I'm...more

Currently: December

Inspired by my friend Allison, I'm planning to do these posts each month. I like the fact that it's a snapshot of what's going on and having a standard "template" for it makes it pretty easy to write and keep up with it. And you know I'm all about making memory documentation easier! ...more

2014 Creath Family Holiday Letter

One of my yearly traditions is to post our holiday "letter" on the blog. You can read...more

Practicing failure and taking risks

I am a recovering Type A perfectionist. I love my gold stars and external validation. I have often thought "If I can't do this 100%, why bother?" I hate that discomfort that comes from trying new things, especially when I'm not immediately good at it (and how often does that happen?!) Photo by the awesome folks at Gratisography ....more

Super Easy Christmas Craft: Holiday Card Kits

Some people make elaborate handmade individual cards for each person on their Christmas card list. Even though I LOVE sending holiday cards, I'm not one of those people....more

Super Easy Christmas Craft: Flat Paper Photo Ornament

Christmas 2010 was the first year I decided to include a little handmade surprise in our holiday cards and I was ridiculously excited about the project. Since it had to fit inside a card, it needed to be flat, so I decided on a round shape with a little cap to look like the top of an ornament ball. ...more