Scaling Up Without Losing Sleep - A Project Plan and A Class

(Note: this is not an affiliate post or sponsored in any way. I just really love these classes!) One of my big challenges with my creative businesses is how to scale them without literally running out of time. When I started working as a project management consultant this spring, I stopped taking custom orders in my metal shop ....more

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Hold This Thread As I Walk Away (Sweaters)

Today I'm sharing the sweaters and cardigans in my Fall/Winter capsule. And I actually have a few photos of me wearing the items, rather than the skinny models. ...more

Five Easy Fall Photos You Can Take

I love capturing my life in photos, and I take hundreds each month with my phone, my DSLR and even my point-and-shoot camera. But not everyone has the time or inclination to take so many photos and then deal with sorting through them....more

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Where Are My Pants?

I'm about a week into using my capsule wardrobe and loving it. Which is not surprising since so much of it is brand new. I love new clothes, especially this time since I didn't buy the cheapest thing in front of me without trying it on ....more

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Update - All The Skirts

Yes, I'm still crazy excited about my fall capsule wardrobe and instead of doing the Great Switcheroo on October 1, I decided that it's time to start swapping in the fall things now, since it's been 63 and rainy today and the rest of the week looks similar. I've finally narrowed down my wardrobe to 40 pieces, not including: accessories like jewelry, scarves, gloves and hats new rainboots (because they won't be part of my regular rotation) three tank tops that I will wear only as layers (ie, never by themselves) at-home loungewear (sweats, cheap old comfy shirts that don't leave the house) one formal dress & a cashmere sweater that goes with it I know, that's a lot of stuff I'm not counting, but the idea for me was to add pieces to my wardrobe with intention that would coordinate well with my existing items, and to avoid random and last-minute desperation shopping....more

Photographing Your Crafty Projects with "just" a Point & Shoot Camera, Part 2 - Camera Settings

Continuing where I left off a few weeks ago with the posts on how to get good photos of jewelry, crafts or scrapbook layouts with your point-and-shoot camera, today I'm going to talk about settings to tweak on your camera. ...more

Building a Shoe Wardrobe from Scratch (Almost)

As part of my Fall capsule wardrobe planning, I realized I needed to sort out my footwear situation....more

Photographing Your Crafty Projects with "just" a Point & Shoot Camera, Part I

I originally wrote a four-part series of posts on tips for photographing handmade jewelry and other small items at the long-dead 1000Markets site (RIP). I've revised that series here to make it more general and include my experience photographing my Project Life layouts in 2012 with my trusty Canon S90 point and shoot camera. Most people will tell you that the most important element of selling online is GREAT photos of your work....more

I Go Out Walking - A Photo Stroll Around Seattle

I've mentioned before that my main photography goal is to get decent everyday photos of my family. I'm not interested in wildlife, landscape or nature photography. I don't read about techniques in my spare time ....more

Winner and A Capsule Obsession

I know, I promised I'd announce the winner of the giveaway on Tuesday, and I did notify her, but kinda forgot to post it here as well. My 4.5yo chose a winner and...more