Garden Surplus: Zucchini Edition

The house of Anarchy experienced a huge tomato fail this season. I planted several varieties of heirloom tomatoes at Wrigley Village Community Garden. I nourished them along the way only to have them die at the hands of tobacco mosaic virus. However, like a reliable BFF, zucchini is a steady crop....more

For the Love of Compost- A Tale of Roses and Horse Manure

From botrytis blight to thrips roses get a bum rap and rightly so. They’re susceptible to all sorts of gnarly fungal diseases and house unwelcome guests. Currently, my sole Chris Evert rose bush suffers from rust. If I’m lucky I get a few blooms and efflorescence is always staggered. Hmpf. ...more

Plants Gone Postal

I love online shopping. I buy most of my clothes and shoes through the interweb. Zero crowds, sales abound and somehow I always manage to get into in-store fights at Saks. Don’t mess with the tattooed girl! ...more

Oh My Carrots!

I’ve tried growing carrots umpteen times. I sowed seeds in raised beds filled with rich, deep, loose soil. I’ve gotten two puny harvests. Today’s bunch was a cruel joke. ...more

Tree Musketeers


Allium cepa

Cooked or raw it’s no secret I love onions. My apologies to the person sitting next to me....more

Potty Pots

In September I made an appearance on E Entertainment's That Morning Show. I was demonstrating Potty Pots; upcycled toilet paper rolls into seed starting pots! This is a frugal living, eco/family friendly activity and a really great way to introduce gardening to children. Enjoy!  ...more