Bill Cosby's Wife Sez

Or, why we all, especially women, need to know the convict part of ourselves. Remember the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal of last year? How easily we forget such things after they move off center stage for the media. But a whole lot of people, the victims, their family and friends, the student body, the administrators and last but not least, the Penn State Board of Trustees, won’t ever forget....more

On-air: There By The Grace of G-d Go I!

There By The Grace of G-d Go I: Dangers of the unknown/undisclosed Self On-air, tonight! "There By The Grace of G-d Go I!" On the Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show ...more

There By The Grace of G-d Go I: Dangers of the unknown/undisclosed Self

An excerpted reflection from “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street” Also listen to the Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show Spring, 1985 ...more

In a different voice

An excerpted reflection from “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street”Also listen to the Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show...more

The Bus Ride Story

I want to share the following story that was originally written by Murat Yagan, an Abkhazian Elder, and prominent peace educator, who has been mentoring our project since 1999....more

Storytelling As A Path To Peace

The following is excerpted from a series of stories, by Anastasia Rosen-Jones, related to the New Horizons Possible Human, Possible Society Study. Details at ...more

Washington Women: Real Smart or Real Dumb

Whoopee, all these beautiful, brave women telling on Herman Cain. I do so love it!  Of course, I believe the charges about Herman Cain. I do hope they drive him away. And, quickly as all this “sexual misconduct” stuff is so incredibly tedious, if nothing else. For me,Washingtonmen, particularly those with political aspirations are guilty as accused until proven otherwise. My little flip on Constitutional rights. Too bad, too bad....more

Alignment With Our Principles

It is easy to not see what sits right in front of us. We all experience challenges, at time, in grasping full reality at its highest level. Full and total reality must, by its very nature, remain in the realm of mystery. Not because we are especially flawed, but simply because of what it means to be human, biologically and otherwise. ...more

The Platform Is Bigger Than The Man

Complaints about our president and his politics seem to have obscured the fact that along with electing Obama, we also bought into his platform, consciously or not. While the man, himself, may fade in his celebrity, perhaps, what may remain could be the platform he brought us; a president’s legacy already in the making. For a change, a message that is potentially bigger than the man! Memorable in the same way as John F. ...more

911 As Seen Through A Waxed Paper Veil: A Personal Story Of Spiritual Clarity

For me September 11, 2001 is seen as if through a waxed paper veil. I was blind in the year 2001. But not “black blind.” “Blind” has many shades to it. A metaphor, if you think about it, for psychological and spiritual blindness as well as for actual physical impairment. Sometimes what the blind person sees is “black blind.” Sometimes, as for me, blind allows in varying amounts of light....more