Trading Places - I'M going to be a gentleman

I'm in LOVE! And I kinda suck at this sorta thing. Mmmmmm. OK, I'll be honest. Scratch kinda and you got me dead on. ...more

The Light at the end of a long, dark tunnel

When you're about to get married you feel all sorts of things: Happiness. . Butterflies. . Fear. . Excitement. . Anxiety. . but more than anything LOVE. Now, that I am officially divorced - don't get all shocked, it's a WONDERFUL thing - I went back and read the last post I wrote before getting married 11 months ago, and I noticed something SO profound, I wish I would've caught it then. - I never said I felt loved. . or was in love. . Which is good. ....more

I actually don't think about weight loss, ever

Am I in the minority? ...more

How Twinkies' outcry reveals America's lack of discipline

There are A LOT of overweight people in my family. Don't get me wrong. They are NICE people who would help a stranger if asked. They are all good-hearted people who want to see everyone do well. They are GOOD people. But when it comes to food, sometimes they make bad decisions in selection, preparation, and Oh Lawd quantity. I struggle each day to make sure I make healthy decisions, so that I don't have to deal with early onset of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. I beat myself up sometimes when I drink a 100 calorie Lipton tea instead of water....more

The Ghost of Christmas Past: memories of Momma once again

I have so much to be grateful for this Christmas. Wow! God has really opened the doors of heaven and showered SO many blessings on me, I just cannot tell it all. I know that. I know I'm blessed. I know that God has been good to me and my family. I'm grateful... so, so grateful. But I still miss my Angel. I have the best Christmas memories. I can remember waking up on Christmas morning, and going to my Momma's room to get my presents. I can remember how bright everything was. The lights were the kind that had movement. They were as bright as neon. ...more

You are the EX: Here are the Ex Factor Rules

Of course, I'm not an expert on establishing bylaws or legal agreements, but I am now on the list of The Unfortunate Few Who Have Somehow Earned Themselves the Ex from Hell, and I'd like to lay down a few guidelines: Ex Factor Rules. Of course, my particular EX has no respect for rules, which of course, is only one (of the many reasons) he is now the EX, but I figure while I'm suffering I may as well humor myself anway....more

What a Mother teachers her daughter

I've always said that I don't want to be my daughter's friend. She's in college now, and nothing's changed. - We're never EVER gonna be club pals. Hellllllll nawwwwwwwwwww!- She's not gonna be able to be around me cussing up a storm. - We won't get matching tattoos.- Yes and No Ma'am will never become an outdated way of replying to my questions.- I'm not going to hit her up for money when I blow through mine, or expect her to cover me on my bills.- We will not date out of the same pool of guys....more

Strong women should not crush weaker women: How do you do it?

I use to have a job that had a lot of prestige. . a great title. . offered me a great opportunity. But the lady I worked for cared more about making a dollar than she did about the people who worked for her. She would give you feedback that was honest, but it cut like a knife. I learned so much from that lady about running a business. . taking ownership of a product. . adhering to a scope. . providing quality work. . getting work done on time and under budget. ...more

I love my job - I'd hate to be POTUS

Don't get me wrong. Some days are ROUGH at Heifer International's headquarters. I come in behind on deadlines, get a bunch of new work piled on me, am pulled into a million directions that change constantly, and often leave late after accomplishing very little. It can be VERY frustrating. ...more

Taking a Break. . Three Stalkers are Enough

Every day, men prove to me that not only do women have men wrong, but men have men wrong. I don't think one man can ever really predict what another man would do. And I better NEVER hear another man saying what he will NEVER do. NEVER. HA! Here's the deal. I LOVE challenges. I kinda have an addiction for them. I DON'T WANT A PLAYER. I DON'T WANT A "HANDS ON" WOMAN BEATER. I DON'T WANT A F'ING LIAR. I DON'T WANT A LAZY BUM. I JUST want a challenge. ...more