In Which I Owe My Mother a Port-A-Potty Full of Apologies

"I sure hope there isn't a homeless person sleeping in here."This was running through my head as I yanked open the door to a port-a-potty last night. It was stationed outside of a neighborhood home undergoing renovations. It was twilight ....more

Not Much Blog Fodder

There hasn't been much blog fodder in my life lately.I'm living the monotony of a life full of demands - work, parenting, breaking up sibling fights, eat right, sleep, run. Then lather, rinse, and repeat.But to prove we are actually up and alive around here, here are some picture that are a few months old. We made pasta with Brendan's very Italian uncle ....more

Bridget Turns 2

Bridget turned 2 on Sunday. We have terrible luck with birthdays and vacations. Inevitably, someone comes down with the flu or lands in the hospital ....more

Battling My Vain Princess

You'd never know I'm vain. I don't wear much makeup. My wardrobe has devolved into sweats and ball caps ....more

What She Lacks For in Hair, She Makes Up For in Faces

I don't know what it is about the girls I make in my uterus. They don't grow hair.Bridget just moved up to the 2 year-old class at daycare in anticipation of her birthday this month. (Unreal) ....more

They Should Write Country Music Songs About Blogging

Warning: Existential Crisis and Abundant Whining followI have a love-hate relationship with this blog. These days, it's more hate than love.It's ridiculous to blame my busy life. We're all busy ....more

Searching For Redemption

"I better not be pregnant."This is a statement I made as I talked on the phone to a friend, Wednesday. I was walking home after finishing the latest of a series of bad runs....more

Love Doctor: Making Your Love List

Let's have some real talk. Leaving a relationship, no matter how omg horrible it is, is omg horrible. I've been there, had that boyfriend, got the t-shirt.I remember how hopeless it felt ....more

The Love Doctor Is In (It Must Be Tuesday)

So, believe it or not, I had someone email me with a Love Doctor question. It turned into a little bit of an email dialogue, so I won't post the conversation here.*Quick breakdown- Wonderful woman has been in a relationship with a man. He suddenly says he wants an "open" relationship.After some more questioning, we figured something out...more

The Love Doctor Is In

I wasn't always happily married (7 years in September!). And I wasn't always in a happy relationship (9 years in August!).For 12 years, beginning when I was 15 years-old, I dated my way through a string of losers, assoles, and "confused" guys. And not only was my picker broken, I put up with a whole lot of stuff that I would never, ever put up with now ....more