Homemade In-N-Out Burger Recipe with Lighter Secret Spread

Should we or should we not add burgers to the...more

Weekly Coffee Date

Happy Friday, friends, and happy Fourth of July weekend! The Fourth is always such a happy time. Everyone seems to be in a good mood–grilling (FYI...more

3 Summer Crostini Recipes with Grilled Corn, Asparagus and Tomatoes

This post is sponsored by Arla Lately Daniel and I have been talking about buying a house. Next spring when the lease on our apartment ends, we’re planning to pack up and head back home to Massachusetts. Just thinking about being closer to our family and friends makes me happy ....more

Fresh Coast Retreat 2016

photo by Alejandro Photography A month ago I flew out to Grand Rapids, Michigan for #FreshCoastRetreat with 14 other bloggers-turned-friends. For 4 days, we cooked out, sang (badly), danced (very badly), learned from each other, sat around the fire pit, made s’mores…If it weren’t for the wine and the gorgeous eat-your-heart-out-Nancy Meyers mansion where we...Read More The post Fresh Coast Retreat 2016 appeared first on Andie Mitchell ....more

Eggs Benedict with Easy Hollandaise Sauce and Broccoli Rabe

This post is sponsored by Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe Daniel is not a morning person. Honestly, I’m not sure he speaks before noon. So it’s not surprising that even though we’ve had thousands of meals together, we’ve only gone out to breakfast a handful of times ....more

Weekly Coffee Date

My friends, hello! I’m back. For the past three-ish weeks, I’ve been writing my heart out on the proposal for a new book ....more

Weekly Coffee Date

The starvation study that changed the world. “Deprivation itself drove these men to ‘the threshold of insanity.'” 8 ways to turn any workout into a meditative experience Standing ovation for Kristen Bell: I’m over staying silent about depression 5 things to do this weekend to make Monday the most productive day FiveThirtyEight reveals the most...Read More The post Weekly Coffee Date appeared first on Andie Mitchell ....more

Weekly Coffee Date

I’m in Massachusetts visiting my...more

Chicken Drumsticks with Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce

This post is sponsored by Tuttorosso Tomatoes. When Daniel and I got back together late last May, we decided to bring date nights into our lives. And if it sounds unbearably obvious to date the person you’re in a relationship with, I hear you ....more

Summer Bucket List 2016

photo by Mary Costa Photo I finished my 2016 summer bucket list and...more