Yeahhh Summer is Coming! Time to get NAKED!

Warmer temperatures can sometimes make it difficult for us gals to wear foundation.  Twenty-five  years ago, that wouldn’t have been a problem for me…you know, with all the uneven skin tone, wrinkles, acne scars that crept up over time, a girl has to cover up.  So, it is time to get NAKED!  No, not that naked—Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation.  It’s lightweight, sheer coverage and yet manages to even your skin tone.  For those of you who like and don’t mind a heavier coverage, Naked is “buildable.”  I like that they have a wide color selection.  So all m...more
Great!!! Go to a Sephora store and they'll match you.more

Charocal....Who Would've Thunk it?!

You know, Andie, I never thought of charcoal as a cleaning agent.  What an amazing concept.  I ...more