How to be a game show contestant (and my first infographic)

One of the very few let downs of my new apartment was my basic cable package, which I found out  does not include Comedy Central, FX, ESPN, E!, or MTV- --There go my daily doses of Daily Show, Colbert Report, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sports, and my absolutely-necessary trash TV shows. Fortunately, the one channel I still have, which *almost* makes up for not having any of the others in my life… The Game Show Network....more

My #BlogHer10 Swag Bag Epiphany

Yesterday I got up at 6:30am (an ungodly hour for me) in order to make it to the first day of BlogHer's 6th Annual Conference in New York. I have met and had great conversations with many of the women here and picked up some great tid bits of knowledge from the sessions, but I honestly don't think I could summarize or try to encompass all of it in one post.  In lieu of that, I grabbed links to useful BlogHer '10 resources and the live blogs. ...more

Dear BlogHer community, please help me graduate. Call for interview participants for my BlogHer research paper.

I joined BlogHer earlier this year, after realizing that many of the people I follow on Twitter have two things in common -- they actively contribute to the wealth of information and inspiration that circulates the Web, and they are part of the BlogHer comunity. So when it was time to pick the subject for my spring semester research paper, I didn't have to think twice about it....more

I really appreciate it! I need at least six more participants in the next two weeks. I'll need ...more

Sandra Bullock's Oscar acceptance speech is less Miss Congeniality and more repect for your fellow women

Though I was just as happy to see Jeff Bridges, The Dude, win the Oscar for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" as I was to see Sandra Bullock win the oscar for "Best Actress in a Leading Role," something about their speeches struck me. ...more

I totally agree with you, Sandra Bullock did one of the best and honest acceptance speech and ...more