Food blogger ISO full conference pass

I didn't think I would get to go to BlogHer 09, but now it looks like I can work it in. Would love to buy a ticket if you have one to sell. Andrea ~Andrea ...more

Shipping Holiday Goodies

During my freshman year in college (1984), I came home for Thanksgiving and gratefully enjoyed all our traditional family fare, including my mother's fantastic apple and pumpkin pies. When it was time to leave, Mom put togethera plate with pie leftovers, covered it in tin foil, and set it out for me to take back to the dorm. In a hurry, I left without it and remembered when Dad and I were about 90 minutes away from home. Oh well, I thought, no leftover pie for my roommate and me. Undaunted, my mother carefully boxed it up and took it to the nearest post office and asked if she could ship it to me. "You want to ship a pie?" the incredulous postal worker asked. ...more

Do You Grow Your Own?

Do you like to grow your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs? Do you raise animals that provide food for your family? Do you hunt or forage for any of your food? Are you interested in organic, sustainable practices and seasonal foods? ...more