Semi-homemade teriyaki steak strips

While pre-made marinades are great, sometimes they can be improved upon.  Using bottled marinades is a great way to create an excellent base flavor and then build up the flavors that you wish to stand out more.  With this recipe, I use garlic powder and ground ginger to make sirloin steak strips pop. Semi-homemade steak tipsServes 4 Prep time: 5 minutesInactive prep:  1 hour to 24 hoursCook time: 25 minutes Ingredients:4 large sirloin strips...more

Ridiculously easy Pad Thai

There are plenty of times when I come home hungry but unwilling to make an elaborate meal.  Happens to all of us, right? One of my go-to's on these days is pad thai.  It's extremely easy to make (nothing complicated) and pleasing for diverse palates.  It's like getting takeout, but you get to eat the food in less time than delivery takes! This is a great recipe that comes together in 35 minutes and everyone is sure to enjoy it.  Even the kids will like this thai dinner that is mainly noodles.It also makes delicious leftovers, if you have any!...more