The Wisdom of a Centenarian

So my Grandma died peacefully in her sleep last night. She was going to be 105 in March. A phenomenal length of time to live when you think about it (born in 1910!) and I often wanted to ask her why she chose to keep going – because it was definitely her choice ....more

Steve, Getting Pissed Now

Steve has been away since the beginning of November. Not completely. He does a week, comes back for a few days, another week, and so on ....more

My Kids are Crazier than Your Kids

I recently wrote a blog – Boys Wearing us Out...more

Facing up to the Fear of my MC Debut

I’m not one of those people who fear public speaking, which is probably due to the fact I was on stage from the youngest age playing music. With that said, neither am I a limelight seeker, often preferring to be in the background focusing on the experience being amazing for those in the audience – that’s my default setting. So it was with trepidation that this past week I geared up for my MC debut and my word, my guts was roiling ALL day long ....more

I Stopped and then I STOPPED

This week has been my first week off after nearly two years at Microsoft in Asia. The two years was definitely an amazing journey - professionally and personally – however, during this time I worked at such a level of intensity that when the day came to just stop, I could hardly move. The intensity levels were all my own making of course ....more

Kids do Sleep in Eventually Right?

We are bamboozled parents. Nearly eight years into this parenting malarkey and do you think we ever get a morning off? I’ve written about this before, because it’s definitely the thing I have enjoyed least since becoming a parent, but seriously, enough already! ...more

Annie Lebowitz Exhibition, Singapore

I went back to the Annie Lebowitz Exhibition last night, which has been on in Singapore since April. I went a couple of months ago, but didn’t have enough time to see it all, so I had to finish it. Last night was also the finale and we made it within four minutes of last ticket sales ....more

This One on One Malarkey is Good

Bronte Beach - I want a house here In March I took Lex to Melbourne to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday. It was our first splitting-the-family-in-two adventure. This last weekend, I took Jax to Sydney for a very special wedding and to spend time with awesome friends ....more

Do We Have a Winner?

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day at our place. Steve and I moved the boys into separate bedrooms and the physical-ness of moving heavy pieces of furniture left my back close to spasm. It’s not a lot of fun when it spasms ....more

Boys and Orifices

So it was Jax’s turn to have something removed from his ear this week, after deciding it would be a terrific idea to insert Blu Tack...more