Are aggressive in-your-face sales techniques the new norm?

A few years ago, we were walking through a shopping mall in Singapore and this Caucasian guy (or ang mohas we’re called here) jumped in front of me and poured...more

Chaos is driving us apart, our collective humanity must bring us back together

The hardest piece of news to come out of Nice for me, was the story of an eyewitness describing a baby’s body with its head crushed by the truck. What sort of a monster does this? How can this baby’s parents (if they survived) endure this pain? ...more

Honouring the greatest dad in my world today

It’s Father’s Day in Singapore and it’s so nice to be able to celebrate this day with my boys to honour the most beautiful dad I could ever hope for my kids. Seriously, I know everyone reckons their husband is the best dad ever, but I hit the jackpot with Steve. I read Stephen Biddulph’s ‘Raising Boys’ when my lads were little ....more

Hiring live-in help seems to have changed

A lovely new lady by the name of Vivi started working as a live-in helper with our family recently. For many of my friends around the world the idea is just weird. I understand ....more

Relishing in the feeling of being part of a community

For the last couple of days, I had the privilege to attend the Asia Professional Speakers SingaporeAnnual Convention. This is officially my third convention, and it was exactly two years ago that I showed up as a complete stranger and spent two days being completely blown own away by a whole community. Here’s the blogI wrote on it back then ....more

Do yourself a favour, read Reckoning A Memoir

Magda Szubanksi(aka Sharon, Kim’s second best friend in Kath and Kim), is probably one of Australia’s most beloved and admired people, not to mention a really funny bitch. A part of my life since I was a young teenager, for me, she is an awesomely funny and inspiring woman. To get a sense of how funny, you should watch this little gem right now ....more

The Haunting Moments of Broken Bones

It was only a matter of time. It was always going to happen. However when your child walks out crying hysterically, and you lay your eyes on an arm sitting at an impossible angle, the feeling that spreads throughout your body is like nothing you’ve ever known before ....more

Give yourself permission to dream

Recently I was invited to speak on a panel at a great event called...more

It’s World Water Day, so how about we stop buying bottled water?

I cannot stand buying water in plastic bottles. It completely pisses me off that it is so easy to create such waste and for what? No, I’ve had enough and I am definitely committed to working hard to take water whenever we are out and about ....more

And just like that, everything changed

It’s been a weird couple of weeks with the boys. Over the years, my treasures seem to have lumbered through phases, coming out very very slowly and it takes us a while to acknowledge that it has, indeed, finally ended. It’s like a lightning bolt will strike one day and we’ll exclaim to each other: “shit ain’t you glad that little phase is over!?” I can definitely say that some phases make you grind your teeth! ...more