Guts in my Mouth Stuff

It’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks – well couple of months really, no, no, no, let’s be honest now - couple of years. And that is why my beloved Without the Bollocks is languishing, unloved and lonely. I love this blog more than anything else I do, but I’ve had to throw my hands up and say, it’s OK ....more

My Public Poo Conversations are Over

I had an epiphany the other day. While the family was out shopping, number two put in a request for a number two. This request used to make me groan, sweat and swear, because the time required for said number two to do a number two was extensive, and when in a sweaty, tropical toilet, it is really, really shithouse!...more

The Genetics of Impatience

When I went to Australia a few weeks back, I spent some long overdue time with my brothers (Paul & Mark), sister (Phillipa), as well as my mum, Kath. It was really nice and I am thrilled for Paul that he finally found his bride. However, because I haven’t been around my family for nearly six years (how did that happen?) it was interesting to watch and observe ....more

It’s a Privilege Being a Mum, a Scary One

Chatting it up with Oprah In case you didn’t notice, it’s Mother’s Day and I think that’s fairly universal, except maybe in Europe? As I’ve written about before, I’ve always had mixed feelings about Mother’s Day, but it comes around every year and of course, it must be celebrated. One of my big struggles about this day is the women I know who haven’t had their chance to become mothers ....more

Random Acts of Humaness

I was in Australia last weekend for my big brother’s wedding – first time marrying at 47 - hoorah! Congrats Paul and Jennifer. You’re perfect for each other and I wish you years of peace and bliss together ....more

My Love Ain’t Been Great

Since I launched this blog five years ago, there’s one thing you could be assured of – I’d be blogging at least twice a week no matter what! My mind and soul needed it. But about five weeks ago, I get a phone call from my love and he thinks he’s having a heart attack....more

Broken Toe, Rambunctious Children, Shit Combination

I broke my toe over Chinese New Year. It was the weirdest thing. Steve and I were sitting on the couch and we noticed a flying insect ....more

Girls can Only be Princesses

I was talking about my Army days with the boys the other day. It’s not the first time I’ve talked about it, but it obviously still hasn’t registered in their memory banks that their mum was once a soldier. A musician soldier, but I still had to do basic training and in the Australian Army, all soldiers are really soldiers ....more

20 Years a Nomad

My mate Michelle, we met in India - 1995 This week marks 20 years since the eventful day I departed Melbourne’s International Airport with a one way ticket to London, via Nepal, India, China, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. I remember the tears of my departure and the well wishes – with many saying I’d be back within a couple of years. Even though I knew returning within two years was very unlikely, I never denied the possibility because who knows where life takes you? ...more

It’s Glamour Week. Let’s Talk Lipstick

You will rarely hear me talking about products designed to make me prettier, mainly because it’s a boring topic. However, maybe I can make it un-boring today? For my loyal male readership, feel free to switch off right now, then again, this is potentially good knowledge to help you become better partners/spouses/brothers/fathers/etc…? ...more