A Memory of Fragrant Sanitary Napkins

One for the ladies today (and maybe a few curious fellas) but do you remember the moment when fragranced sanitary napkins entered our lives? Early 80s in Australia right? In my memory it occurred at the same time “womanhood” commenced (for those in my age group you’ll know when that was), and this was before we were old enough to embrace other alternatives – in my Catholic community at least… ...more

My View for the Next Six Weeks

I woke up yesterday morning to a view of the back of Steve’s head, watching the first game of the Rugby World Cup – Fiji Versus England. Thankfully England won, ‘which means I’ve got a happy hubby. They’ll be playing Australia soon and that will be an interesting match to watch together ....more

I Am Such a Proud Mumma

We had Lex’s parent teacher interview today. These sessions used to fill Steve and I with dread. Not because we didn’t believe in our little guy, but because we never seemed to be able to get the answers to the questions we always had, like: “how can we help him?” Always our least favorite, because it’s only ever been met with “we seriously just don’t know.” With some rickshaw uncles in Vietnam That’s what happens when your kid doesn’t fit into a specific learning gap or specific need ....more

Why Mums (aka Moms) Don’t Want Sex

I’m going out on a limb here and speaking on behalf of the mummy sisterhood, but it’s time for it to be said. I need to tell you why mums are averse to sex. It begins with pregnancy ....more

Oh Haze How I Despise Thee

It’s been more than a week of haze and last night the pollution index passed 200 in Singapore – that’s really really unhealthy and it’s horrible to live in it. I hate the haze. I went through the worst in Singapore’s recorded history back in 2013, when it went well over 700 – which meant acrid, orange smoke everywhere ....more

Apparently We’re Moving to the US

Yep. Why you ask? So we can meet the Hobby Kids of course! ...more

Mum, What Do You Know About Ducks?

When I hear that question, or that same question in regards to any other animal, bug, sea creature, or extinct animal – including all dinosaurs – mentioned by my little fella Lex, I know I must stop everything I’m doing and give him my full attention, because for as long as I am willing to be his audience, he’s going to teach me everything there is to know about ducks. Lex with a baby chicken in Vietnam I’m going to learn about: what they eat; how they have babies; the different breeds; the different habitats; whether or not they’re predators; and so much more. I have come to appreciate that my mind is going to be blown in these learning interludes and I love them ....more

Who Knew There Was a International #Lefthandersday?

I didn’t know it was International #Lefthandersday yesterday until an article on Mashableshowed up on Facebook. Cool, good read. Then I checked out the hashtag on Twitter and my entire life as a lefty was laid out before me ....more

Mum, What Are My Balls For?

It has begun. The sex talks. Crikey, how does one prepare themselves for this? ...more

Who’s Got a Tampon? I Just Got My Period

I’m reading Amanda Palmer’s book “The Art of Asking” (love her, loving the book, will write more when I finish it) and this is how the book starts. “Who’s got a tampon? I just got my period, I will loudly announce to nobody in particular in a women’s bathroom in a San Francisco restaurant, or to a co-ed dressing room of a music festival in Prague, or to the unsuspecting gatherers in a kitchen at a party in Sydney, Munich or Cincinnati ....more