NaBloPoMo - Tackling the One-A-Day

For over a year now, I have peeked on BlogHer at the monthly NaBloPoMo. Blogging everyday for a month! The anxiety builds up in my mind.  November 1st is quickly approaching and my chance to tackle the One-A-Day.   To tackle this challenge, I am starting by writing my 10 reasons that blogging everyday is a theory and not an action for me.1.  Will anyone read them?  That is part of why you blog right.2. How do I find time?3. What topics should I cover?4.  Will it sound more like a journal than a blog....more

Girlfriends Have Few Rights When It Really Counts

For years, I was content with being a girlfriend.   I was busy in my career, obtaining two different master degrees and socializing throughout Dallas.  Being a girlfriend, allowed me to remain true to my personal endeavors, all while having companionship, love and a plus one.  I carefully avoided the when are you getting married again with the catch-all phrase - One day. I'm just not ready yet.  To me, being a girlfriend had different responsibilities and rights than a wife.  Rights I was not ready to take on.   ...more