If I Was a Mother

If I was a mother, how different my life would be.If I was a mother,  her name would be Miriam, for the strength and boisterous ways of Moses sister or Esther, for her beauty and silent tact.Or maybe his name would be Mason, for someone dear to me.If I was a mother,  people would not assume my career was more important.If I was a mother, men would not ask, "what's wrong with you".If I was a mother, I would feel like my mother, when I tell her I love you.If I was a mother, Mother's Day would have a different meaning....more

Personal Growth Experiences

Lately, I noticed there is something about being over 40, that people associate with change, growth and doing things differently.   It was not my forties, that led me to take chances and to grow as a person.  My latest blog post Personal Growth Experiences shows a glimpse into risk, growth and change....more

NaBloPoMo - Tackling the One-A-Day

For over a year now, I have peeked on BlogHer at the monthly NaBloPoMo. Blogging everyday for a month! The anxiety builds up in my mind.  November 1st is quickly approaching and my chance to tackle the One-A-Day.   To tackle this challenge, I am starting by writing my 10 reasons that blogging everyday is a theory and not an action for me.1.  Will anyone read them?  That is part of why you blog right.2. How do I find time?3. What topics should I cover?4.  Will it sound more like a journal than a blog....more

Girlfriends Have Few Rights When It Really Counts

For years, I was content with being a girlfriend.   I was busy in my career, obtaining two different master degrees and socializing throughout Dallas.  Being a girlfriend, allowed me to remain true to my personal endeavors, all while having companionship, love and a plus one.  I carefully avoided the when are you getting married again with the catch-all phrase - One day. I'm just not ready yet.  To me, being a girlfriend had different responsibilities and rights than a wife.  Rights I was not ready to take on.   ...more