Trip to NYC – bar and restaurants

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog One simply can’t go to NYC and not take advantage of all the restaurants and bars that this city has to offer. Everyone that knows New York said that...more

Trip to New York City

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog We are back from our 2 weeks holiday. It was intense to say the least. For the first week Luca stayed with my parents at their house in the country side, and we took off to NYC for 6 days ....more

Cuban holiday

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I am so excited to finally share with you a few pictures from our magnificent Cuban holiday. Because we didn’t plan this through very well and we kind of did everything last minute, we didn’t manage to book a holiday in Havana since nearly everything there was already booked, so we decided to go to Holguin area. As I am sure you all know that Cuba is one of the few communist countries left in the world, I strongly believe that things will change soon para los Cubanos ....more

Podcasts I currently listen to

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog For a few months now my job requires that I commute a few days a week. Sometimes I like to listen to music while reading a book but most of the time I love to listen to a podcast. I have several that I currently listen to and I would love to hear if you have any suggestions as well ....more

The perfect summer shoes!

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Yes, summer is here, even if where I live it does not look like. As we speak is cold and rainy. Oh, the good old British summer ....more

Parents weekend – Barcelona

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog 2 weeks already passed since we were in Barcelona for a long weekend sans bebe. It was so good to be back to one of our favourite cities and just reconnect with my husband. Every parent needs a break every now and then...more

When in Barcelona

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Hello, everyone! I hope you are all doing great! If you follow my Instagram page you have seen that last week I’ve been to the fabulous city of Barcelona ....more

Fridays with Luca

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Friday are my blessings. I look forward to this day all week, because I get to have that one day with Luca....more

There is life after work

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog After work I often go out for drinks with my friends. Come to think of it, that’s what makes me go through the day without going mad :P. We all need a bit of relaxation at the end of our busy days and for me that is drinking a glass of wine and chatting with my girls ....more

Bern on a Monday

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Mondays are usually the least favourite part of the week for most of us. Well this past week we actually had a good one since both of us took the day off to drive to Bern with Luca to get his passport sorted at the Romanian consulate. It was such a nice, warm and sunny day that we took the time to eat lunch on a bench in the park, take a walk and just relax with the little one ....more