Weekend away with a baby

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog We are back from our adventure in Milan with Luca. Normally I would not call a weekend away an adventure but when it is your first time away with your 15 weeks old then the term is just about right. We decided to drive since it was easier for us, Milan being fairly close to Zurich (normally a 3 to 4 hour drive) ....more

Zurich Street food festival – Winter edition

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I thought I would share a few pictures from the Zurich Street Food Festival that happened this past weekend in the city. I feel like I don’t do much these days besides the baby, so this seems like a good opportunity to share something else with you. We are very passionate about food, as you might have noticed, and we try not miss an opportunity for tasting some amazing dishes ....more

Home office outfit

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I miss dressing up and going to the office. There, I said it. Does this make me a bad mother? ...more

Baby Talk: Activities with a 2 month old baby

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog What have I been doing lately? Well besides getting to know my baby, not much. My mother was here for a week and having help was so good, that as soon as she left, I was depressed ....more

My Mama Uniform

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Click to view slideshow. I have a new uniform as of a few weeks. Thanks to the January sale from Zara, I managed to score the most comfy trousers and a jacket that is so light, but warm enough for the sunny winter days ....more

Baileys Chocolate Cake

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog ...more

A first glimpse of motherhood

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Our boy was 7 weeks this past Friday and I can’t begin to tell you how in love we are with him. Babies have this magic power that only by looking at them you just melt. And...more

Dreaming of Spring

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I am a sucker for colour block items when it comes to clothing and accessories. So when I had to chose between a grey, black and electric blue bag from Marc Jacobs I was immediately drawn to the blue one. Then when I had to pair it with something, my hot pink blazer was an obvious choice ....more

Happy new Year!

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog My last post for this year. Oh you guys, what an year this has been! We feel especially blessed because of the precious gift we received in November, our baby boy, Luca Albert ....more

Baby Bump Evolution

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog When I found out that I was pregnant I did not know what to expect. The only thing I knew for sure was that I couldn’t wait for my baby bump to start showing. I was so looking forward to seeing how my belly will look mostly because then it was certain that my baby was growing and developing normally ....more