Swiss Designers

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog One of the highlights from my last Saturday was taking part in an event of Meet and Greet the designers, organised by the Creative Hub, a platform that is meant to support and promote Swiss designers. It was part of the Blickfang fair that happened also in Zurich this past weekend. I got to meet a lot of talented people that are passionate about their work....more

Luca is 1 year old

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog My dears the day to celebrate Luca’s first birthday sneak up on me. I have no clue how time went by this year and even though I wished at times that he would get older sooner (after the nights with less to no sleep) now I can only feel nostalgic that he is growing up so fast. He is so fun to be around, he is curious and likes to play with other kids ....more

This is for you, Mimi!

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I met Mimi in 2007 when I moved to Bucharest and I started working my first real job in Oracle. I was new to the city, had a few close friends, but I was eager to bond with my new colleagues. I was young and not very sure of how to fit in the new world that I was entering ....more

Lucca in Black and White

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog While in Tuscany we made a day trip to Lucca, a historic city that is absolutely gorgeous and that carries the name of our son. We previously saw it, 2 years ago when Traian and I did another trip to Italy and I remember thinking that if I will ever have a son, I would like for him to be named Luca. Fast forward and here we were with Luca at 9 months in the city that has the same name....more

Our holiday in Tuscany

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog One week already since we got back from our holiday in Tuscany. It went so fast that week and I feel like I am constantly running out of time. Work is crazy, Luca is growing so fast and the time I spend with him seems so not enough ....more

New Clothing Shop in Zurich

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog The moment I laid eyes on this shirt dress I knew it will be something that would look amazing and be a good fit for me. I fell in love with the soft silk and the print on it. The fact that it is longer in the back works wonders for my silhouette and it leaves the impression of longer legs ....more

Birthday wisdom

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Today is my birthday and normally this day would have had a bittersweet feeling attached to it. I think that when it comes to birthdays, I was always a bit vain and selfish. I would focus on the fact that I was getting older and what that would do to me, like a lot of us do ....more

Mountain view

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog I am a big fan of the mountains now that I live in Switzerland. Taking a hike when you have a baby under one can sound very unrealistic, but we managed it for the first time a few weeks ago. We took the car until Oberrickenbach, then jumped in the cable car with the pram, baby and other accessories and in 10 minutes we were up to...more

Life latelly

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog Two months already since I am back to work and things are beginning to resemble somewhat to normal for us. Luca is doing better and better at the daycare, I am home with him on Fridays and having a 3 days weekend is great. Life is not boring for sure ....more

Brunch at our local farm

Stylish Dreams, a lifestyle blog First of August is the national day of Switzerland and it’s customary to celebrate it with a farm brunch. Most farms open their doors and organise a brunch with local products. This year was the first year we attended and we chose a farm very close to where we live ....more