Happy 4th of July!


Putty In My Hands

 Growing up I was always a really good kid. I rarely got into trouble because I almost always did what I was told or what I was expected to do. If you were to ask my mom, I promise you that she would say I was a perfect child, even through my teenage years. I think she may be slightly delusional but we won't tell her that mmkay?...more

My Favorite Funny

    Okay y'all, I know this is corny but hear me out! Q: What does a frog eat with his burger?A: French FLIES & a CROAK!...more

Magic Mike - A Different View

 Don't worry y'all, I haven't seen the movie so I won't be spoiling it for you or anything like that!I do however, want to see the movie, for...ahem...obvious reasons.....more
I posted about this yesterday. Alone I don't think either of these movies can do much damage in ...more