How To Deal With Step Children

StepChildren- The world’s most evil predator. That’s how some people perceive their step kids. Kids from blended families are gonna act out. What kid out there doesn’t want their real mom and dad to be together forever? That’s the issue with most blended families. Step kids can say things like “You can’t tell me what to do” “You’re not my mom” and “I don’t have to listen to you”. When you try to tell other people’s kids what to do, they get offensive. Getting that way can lead to arguements of the adults and children....more

I think I hate my husband

I’m in one hell of a predicament. I think I hate my hubby. I know he makes me sick. After we got married things changed. He don’t pick up behind himself. He lets his kids cause damages. I mean these kids have adults arguing over them everyday with their lies cause they hate me. Their mom don’t make matters any better either. His family loves her to death. They will even let her spend the weekends with them. Even how she used to treat him and cheat on him. I’m the one that catches the heat now. He lets them do it. Anyway he thinks I’m some kind of slave. He bosses me around constantly....more

How to ask a guy out

In today's day and age, women are taking control. They are stepping up to the plate to take control instead of waiting on the guy to make a move. I think this is awesome. Some guys out there don't like an independent woman, it makes them feel insecure. Well boo hoo guys! We women are taking over! 1. Eye Contact While you're talking to him, don't let your eyes wander. You want him to know that you are interested in him, not the surroundings. 2. Flirtation A little harmless flirting never hurts. Give him a compliment or a light touch on the hand....more

How to deal with a sociopath

When people think of a "sociopath" their brain automatically goes into 'serial killer' mode. Although most serial killers are sociopaths, your neighbor could be one also. Sociopath: Having the characteristics of a sociopath; Unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one's actions Sociopaths are people without a conscience. They don't care who they hurt or what they say....more

How To Have Great Sex

  Sex. Everybody wants it. Make your partner want it again and again with these tips on How To Have Great Sex. Don't TalkNobody wants to conversate while having the ultimate pleasure. So, keep your mouth shut with the chatting and open it wide for the moaning! FantasizeIf there is something you've been wanting to do, don't be ashamed to say it....more