Tutorial for Decorating the Kitchen

People often need a tutorial for decorating the kitchen, because everyone is keen on making it the coziest place in the home. Having in mind that the kitchen is the place where all family members spend most of their time, it is understandable why people are so eager to implement the decoration in the best possible manner....more

How to Make Yourself A Lamp Shade

Lampshades are suitable complements to the home décor. They can be made to match the ambience, the style preferred by the home owner, to brighten up the room, to add a bespoke element to the environment. Making a lampshade at home is easy, and the results are truly inspiring and rewarding – the new element makes the home livelier and more appealing....more

How to Make Jambalaya

How to Make Jambalaya If you've ever been in the southern-ish parts of the United States than you might have enjoyed or at least heard of the very tasty and amazing Cajun cuisine available there. My first experience at eating jambalaya was in Lexington, KY where we visited a small place where I tried it and instantly fell in love with it. Now Cajun food is nothing new to Americans, though it certainly doesn't deserve the lack of proper popularity across the world. One such an amazing and absolutely yummy recipe is jambalaya....more

Mongolian Buuz

A traditional nomadic recipe still cooked by the people of the steppes, buuz are small steamed dumplings filled with minced mutton or beef. They are then flavored with garlic and in some cases herbs and other ingredients such as mashed potatoes, rice or cabbage depending on the personal preferences of the people making them. Buuz are a traditional meal often seen on Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year whose exact time fluctuates during the end of January and the course of February annually in the beginning of the first lunar month....more

Joe Grey Gypsy Stew

The tales of the wandering Romani are something of a mixture between the love of the road and the adventurous spirit often attributed to these nomadic people. One thing their culture has in common with other similar peoples around the world who traveled and rarely stayed in one spot or simply found whatever work they could find throughout their centuries is easy and cheap to make food. Such meals were and still are both filling and surprisingly tasty. Some say the Romani originated in India, some say they originated elsewhere? Who can know for sure?...more