Vanishing veggies and recipe for zucchini gratin

Some traumatic childhood memories can involve eating vegetables, like not being able to leave the table until your portion of carrots are gone. Or remembering with dread how your mom served your breakfast with a side of cold peas that you refused to eat the night before. When I was little, mom always asked me to clean my plate, but she didn’t know that I figured out how to cover up any incriminating evidence. In the house I grew up in, our kitchen table was right next to a window that had drapes....more

Raising a Child Who Cooks

There are few things that make people happier than sharing an activity that you love. It doesn't matter if it's comparing favorite books, or no-fail gardening tips, or the best farmers markets. I have experienced that joy with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers.My husband and daughter are often amazed at the experiences I have with strangers while I do the grocery shopping. I'm not sure why I appear approachable but almost every time I go to the store, at least one person will ask for help or an opinion about something they are buying. One time a lady asked me for help choosing a soda that wouldn't make her burp. I can't recall how I replied. Other times people ask what I'm going to cook with an item I have in my cart. Rice noodles are a big conversation item, as well as fresh herbs. It's fun to explain and give a quick recipe....more

Hi. I loved reading your piece. I've been cooking with my eldest daughter since she was 1 ...more

Brandy Alexander Brownies

My folks used to love having spur of the moment parties back when I was in high school. One or two couples would stop by, then the music would start playing loud or someone would be at the piano. They would all gather at the wet bar (yes, I went to high school in the 70s so everyone had a wet bar) and mom would have snacks and sweets on the table before anyone could finish their first drink....more

Pumpkin cake and parent pride

During this first holiday season without my mom, I've been baking almost every chance I get. I flip through the stack of her recipe cards about three times a day....more