Blue’s Clues Side Table Drawer Grows Up

Today was no ordinary day. Today I heard from an old friend..Blue’s Clues’ SIDE TABLE DRAWER, also known as Aleisha LaNae’ Allen, M.S.!! Throughout...more

Kidscreen’s 20th Anniversary Trivia Challenge!

This year at Kidscreen Summit...more

David Bowie and Creativity

There’s been an inevitable outpouring of love and support following...more

How Do You Make a Hit Children’s Show

“How Do You Make a Hit Children’s Show?” is the question I typically hear from parents, students, artists and writers as I meet them for the first time. While everyone’s got their own system to create educational media for children, I shared mine this week at The 4th Annual International Children’s Media Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, via live stream. I was excited to journey outside my typical neighborhood with this project because a key to a better tomorrow lies within the education and happiness of children, on a global scale ....more

Photo Contest Winner

The winner of...more

4th Annual Halloween Photo Contest!

Want a signed copy of my favorite “Happy Halloween Daniel Tiger” ? Happy Fall everyone!...more

Keeping kids safe in the digital age

Most parents will admit a little unease about raising their child(ren) within this digital age. But sitting on the sidelines with a myriad of unanswered questions will only worsen our concerns and will leave our kids in harms way. Yet again, the answer is in education ....more

Wishenpoof to Premier Aug 14

As a result of your incredible feedback, I let you know (over a year ago) that our second show for Amazon Studios, Wishenpoof, had received the green light for series production. After many, many months of notes, scripting, sketches, character designs, storyboarding, scoring, animatics, recording, rendering, editing, research, more research and much, much more, I can finally see the light!! So on August 14th, our latest, most magical Wishenpoof will premier for Amazon Prime Members in the US, UK and Germany! ...more

What I’ve learned from Blue’s Clues & Super Why

I really wish I could tell you that I break into song every time the mail arrives just like Steve/Joe from Blue’s Clues does. But well, I don’t. I’d love to say that when one of my daughters has a problem, my usual response is to cheerfully chant, “When you have a problem, we look…in a book!” just like my characters from Super Why ....more

Sara Solves It Update

There has been a good...more