Mending Fences

As children, we grow up with our siblings and friends. We go to school, play in the schoolyard or park, and have play-dates in the houses of our schoolmates. For many it is a carefree environment filled with fun and adventure. By the time I was 10 years old, that carefree attitude ended. My mother thought I was old enough to walk my seven and a half year old brother to school by myself. It was only a five-block walk and, according to mom, there would be other moms walking their kids to school that knew both of us. ...more

Creating Sock Puppets with Mr. Rogers

When my children were small, we would cuddle together on the floor every day and watch Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. We loved listening to Mr. Rogers sing about how “Everything grows together and we all grow in one piece.” One day, Mr. Rogers introduced the children to some of his puppet friends: Daniel Stripped Tiger and Prince Tuesday. My children and I were in awe when Mr. Rogers demonstrated how each puppet worked and made them look like real life beings. He also showed the children how to make their own out ...more

Living with Rage!

Do you know that most children who are molested know their pedophiles? I do. Do you know that many children who suffer abuse in their own home are abused by a family member? I do. Do you know that most young girls and women know the person who assaults and rapes them? I can tell you I do. ...more

Excalibur Reclaims Her King Now Available!

  Excalibur Reclaims Her King by Angelica Harris and Corey Blake ...more

Dear Friends of Very Special Children

I am currently leading a team to raise money for a very special cause: St Mary's Hospital for Children in Bayside. Last month, I toured the hospital and met with some of the children. I took one look into their shining eyes and could not say no. This hospital and these children are our Angels. St. Mary's is having their annual Walk for Children on May 17th at Belmont Park. I am looking for dedicated people like you to join my team in order to raise money for these very special children. ...more

A Soldier’s Heart Never Dies!

On Wednesday night, I watched the HBO movie Taking Chance about the journey of Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl’s volunteered commission to escort the remains of decorated Lance Corporal Chance Phelps (1984-2004) home to Wyoming for proper burial. ...more

I am Optimus Prime!

“I am Optimus prime!” The line brings back fond memories from the original late 80s / early 90s animated show Transformers!!! When my children were young, I was passionate about playing with them. On the rainy days we’d play in the apartment with my son’s set of Transformers. We’d sit on the floor and set up the Autobots against the Deceptacons. My son, daughter and I would have the living room floor a mess with the robot characters raging our make-believe war. It was a blast! ...more

An Adventure in Research

Harry Potter. Twilight. Lord of the Rings. It’s safe to say that Fantasy Fiction has become one of the most popular and beloved genres of our time. But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of the book? Most often, the research that goes into the book is more time-consuming than actually writing it. ...more

Who is your all-time favorite character?

While visiting a Facebook fantasy fiction group, I found a discussion thread that piqued my interest: "Who is your all-time favorite character and why?" I expected people to say that they like certain characters because they are "strong" and "brave." But I didn't expect so many people to like characters with imperfections and fears. People like these characters because they are real and relatable. ...more

A Proactive Author is a Successful One

If you are an author, you know that without a publicist or agent, it is hard to make your mark — especially in the beginning, when you are a complete unknown. After I published my first book, The Quest for Excalibur, I learned about the industry the hard way. My publisher was not going to sit by the phone and make dates for book signings. That, I learned was my job. I had to advocate for myself; after all, I am not Michael Crichton or J.K. Rowling—at least, not yet. ...more