I’ve been riding. And reading. Not much else is getting accomplished around here ....more

Stupid forecasts

Yesterday was a productive one but I still feel like I missed out on an entire day off this weekend. I did a few quick errands in the morning and then have Brink a haircut! He’s pretty proud of how handsome he looks ....more

4 of 14

Many things have kept ...more

Windy day

I had every intention of catching up on blog posts today....more

Square One

I went running tonight. It was kind of disastrous. I didn’t even make it a full mile – mostly because of that horrid nerve tingle/burning from all the jiggle ....more

One step closer

After a fun mini-trip to the Denver Zoo this morning… I met with Vanessa for lunch at the Denver Biscuit Company… This was as delicious as it looks. Fried chicken, bacon, and sausage gravy on a biscuit. Amazing!! ...more


60 miles inside. I’m really, really hoping this is my last long ride inside ....more

Saturday relief

I made it! The week was surprisingly slow. I don’t really care for slow weeks because they make a ten hour shift creep by ....more

Painting and more painting

Both yesterday and today I spent my post work hours painting. I’m 90% finished. I just have to paint my little nook ....more

Peddle, Paint, Repeat

The wind convinced me to stay inside for my long ride. I watched New in Town and Notting Hill while peddling. I won’t sugar coat it, the last half hour was pretty rough on the arse ....more