My Girl Inherited My Body. What About My Body Doubts?

[Editor's Note: It's amazing how having a daughter shines an internal spotlight on the conversations we women have with ourselves about our bodies. (Lucky me dodged that bullet: I have only a son, but plenty of body issues.) Angella from Dutch Blitz was recently interviewed by a Canadian magazine about whether her daughter had body issues—and that conversation sent Angella off into having a discussion with herself about her own body issues. Read on.—Stacy]...more
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A Letter To My Body

You have never made it easy for me. For as long as I can remember, I was referred to as a Big Girl. I was bigger than all of my friends. Taller, wider, thicker. I was a regular kid who liked candy and Pop Shoppe pop. My Mom loved me to a fault. She did not want to deny me anything, for fear that I would choose my Dad over her. Any food, any treat, was mine to be had. I was never denied anything. I had friends who were skinny. They could eat candy and drink pop and still retain those pencil-thin thighs. I was beyond envious. ...more

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