Mind the Bump: Does anyone like being pregnant?

In the days when pregnancy was just a twinkle in the eye, I imagined it as a state of laid-back contentment and a rosy glow. Four bumps in, the reality has proved somewhat different. Does anyone really like feeling like an obese kangaroo suffering from seasickness? In the UK, there's a lot of talk about this year's general election being won at the schoolgate. So I'm putting together a manifesto for our politicians. With maternity leave getting more and more generous, I've decided that what I'd like is enforced pregnancy time out....more

Communities and Cliques

I'm a relatively new blogger, of about six months standing. Friends had blogs, I'd heard about blogs, but it took starting one myself to really get into it. And what a world. It was like discovering newspapers for the first time. Or coffee mornings. I couldn't believe such a large strand of communication had been there for the taking, and what's more, you could interact with it. Leave comments, meet people and even get the odd (and some really were) recipe. ...more

Lady Gaga is a Car Pool Mom

This appeared on angels&urchinsblog as Lady Gaga is a School Run Mum. A school run mum is a mother you might share a car pool with. Though I haven't yet got lucky enough to share a pool with Gaga, I live in hope! ...more

Do you let your child walk solo to school?

When New Yorker Lenore Skenazy let her nine-year-old ride solo on the subway, she wrote about it in the paper she worked for, The New York Sun. Overnight, the reaction to her 'daring' caused her to be invited on talk shows across the country, later the world, and become branded ‘America’s worst mom’....more