The People You Meet

        When you are in the military, you meet all kinds of people. People of different races, religions and backgrounds. Some of those people you get close to and keep a relationship with them long after you have left that duty station. Some you can't wait to get away from. And then there are some you lose touch with and forever wonder if they are okay.We met alot of different people from my husband's time in....more

Time Marches On

After trying on another 10 or 20 or hundred. I think at that point I lost count. It was down to 2. One pretty white and black with a pink ribbon around the waist and a grey and black number.She finally picked the grey and black one. She said she just couldn't breathe in the other one. Both of them are going to look so beautiful. And it's going to be a reminder at how short time is....more

It'll Never Happen To Me