From Drug Addict to talented Musician

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Parenting your parent.. The good, the bad, the unforgettable

Two years, a void in my life so large the Grand Canyon couldn't fill it, and sits heavy on me even now. Five years, the amount of time I had to watch as our roles reversed and age sat down upon her graying head and the mother became the child. It wasn't always pretty with flowers and roses, memory making and laughter. There were times it was anything but that which we think about in this generation referred to as 'sandwich'. ...more

Dear Young Women of Today

 Dear young women of today,This will not be addressed to all of you, but to many of you in society today. Those of you who have been raised like princesses but have failed to also be taught compassion, decency and kindness. It is also addressed to those who think sex is the answer to get any man, having a baby is the way to trap them. You wonder why you are alone or can't find a 'good man', mainly because your idea of a good man and the truth are vast expanses of definition apart....more

Choosing to forgive my abusers

I have never made a secret about my abuse as a child, it is nothing I have to be ashamed of, despite my upbringing of secrecy. Please don't misunderstand me, there were plenty of years that I felt shame and humiliation for the things I went through. Times I believed that it was my fault, if I didn't bloom so early, if my boobs weren't so big, if I didn't this, or hadn't that. I spent so much time replaying the abuse in my head and in some instances still dealing with it in my everyday long into adulthood....more
Its been a year since you wrote this brave blog. I am sorry for what you endured in your abuse ...more

Just a Woman, I think not!

As a blogger the one thing we are always aware of is what we put on our blogs. Those widgets over there give but a glimpse into our lives, our thoughts, our passions. They may be filled with pictures or buttons of people we admire, on many they contain a short snippet of our view of ourselves in relation to the world. A few words to encompass all we are or do or hope to become. But is that really all there is? This morning I wrote a status that came to me after seeing a comic posted about women in general....more

The difference between Grandmas and great Grandmas

This little guy has shifted my gears, taken me from momma to memaw. I could sit and stare at him all day long and relish every second I have him. I thought watching my children grow up was painful, this is possibly even more....more

Drug Addiction and Rehab: What a difference a year can make

Last year at this time my oldest had come out of rehab, determined to clean himself up from the drugs he was addicted to. I had made the hardest choice of my life in throwing him out, and was left to wonder how did that happen? To my child. We had never done drugs and constantly warned them that we would not tolerate them using them. Bipolarism is nasty. When others use drugs for recreational purposes it is to get 'high', either to laugh or sleep or be different. For him it was to get normal, or as close to normal as he could be with bipolar....more

Today I met Carol and she changed my life..

I wish I had taken my picture with her, her vitality and joy would have come at you through the screen. I know that meeting her changed my life today. ...more

Not My Child: The Truth About Teenage Drug Abuse

My name is Angel and I am the mother of a teenager with an addiction. Like many mom's I always said, 'not my kids, not my house, they know how we feel, we have never ever done them so they have never been exposed to them'. Oh how wrong I was.  ...more


You are so very brave for sharing this and I'm sorry it was happening and people who ...more