Birthday Party

Today E had her birthday party. I know that its not her actual birthday until Monday but this is the one weekend before or after her party that we have had free. ...more

Who knew?

Today was interesting in more ways then one. I finally realised why women were relcutant to take out AVO against people that they love. I realised the way they feel about a person can sometimes cloud their judgement and make them feel like victims without really intending to. That even the best meaning people can have their ideas but will not always listen to your own, especially when you have made up your mind about something and everyone is really trying to get you to change it. ...more


What was I thinking? That is the first thought that came to my mind this morning I tried to get out of bed this morning and I could hardly stand up. The pain that shot through my body was excuriating and I knew that there was no way I could do anything. ...more


Last night as I looked across my front paddock I had an ingenious idea, or so I thought at the time. In these tough economic times, I was going to plant the front field with crops that I could then turn around and sell. It seemed like a great idea last night, but maybe that was because I had had a few beers and ideas seem to flow at times like that. I knew just what i needed to put my plan in to action and I was determined that I was going to succeed. Today, when I got home, I allowed myself a moment and then I started on my plan. ...more

I wish you lots of luck!!!!!


Who's at fault?

Saturday 14th March 2009   Tonight was interesting, I joined 13 other teachers to attend the AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultancy Group) Annual Dinner. Not quite as blinged up as everyone else we arrived early (a thing most black fellas find hard to do) to a dinner that would have interesting theories dawn on me.with   ...more


You smiled that smile, that only, you have. It touched me, My soul, heart and life. The pain came quickly, stopped and went. Came, left, came left. Who knew, who cared? Love gone! ...more


Love Hard Hope None Needs Wants Love Gone Hurt Pain You Me ...more