Tiger Eyes: A Judy Blume Movie at Last!

Everyone remembers their first Judy Blume book. Spend a few minutes talking to your friends about Judy Blume, and it won’t be long until they open up about “the book,” the Judy Blume title that made an impact on their life. ...more

is of course a classic coming of age novel. I enjoyed Deenie too.

My faves were the Fudge ...more

Why I Use the "F" Word (You Know ... FAT)

The first time my teen patrons heard me refer to myself as “fat” they seemed unsure how to react. A group of teenage girls had gathered around a table in front of the desk I was working at and were discussing what might be considered typical adolescence topics: boys, hair, clothes, and their social lives. I heard one of them say, disgust in her voice, “I’m so fat today!” When I casually looked over to see who was speaking I saw a teenage girl who could not have weighed more than 110 pounds. I saw a teaching moment at hand, so I interjected, “You’re not fat. I’m fat.” ...more

I hate to be the fly in the ointment, but I have to say that while fat is indeed a word, it is ...more