(VIDEO) Serene Branson at the Grammys: A Stroke Survivor's Opinion

The unexplained confusion. The garbled words that came out to her obvious frustration. Stroke. The word swirled around in the media circus that followed her. She wasn't allowed to have her physical breakdown in private. She had it on TV, then it was on YouTube. ...more

She was having a migraine aura, not a stroke or TIA. This was determined after extensive ...more

Showering After a Stroke: Naked Hopping, Not As Exciting As It Sounds

I haven’t been inside my shower since November 2009. Today I sat outside the door and looked in. ...more

After an excruciating back injury I was pretty helpless for a few months. Even the little ...more

Chicago Sheriton - price charges

Just FYI, when making reservations for the two-standard bed room, they will charge you $50 more a night if you are trying to fit 4 adults in the room.  Apparently the $199 price covers 2 adults per room.  --Anissa@Hope4Peyton ...more

Do I hear him now?

I noticed him squatting by the entryway of the library. I noticed his filthy clothes and his dirt-crusted skin. I noticed the smell that tells me he hasn’t seen the wet side of a bar of soap in a very long time. I noticed him noticing us…my children with their school uniforms and shiny smiles…the brightness of their youth and the warmth of their vitality. I noticed his arm reach up as we drew closer. I wondered if he would ask, if his hand would reach out. I didn’t know what my answer would be. Would I dig in my pocket? ...more

Locks of Love, you disappoint me greatly

Dear Locks Of Love, HOW dare you? ...more

We MUST protect our children

When I read this article from Silicon Valley Moms Blog it made my skin crawl and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Some of you might remember when we had our own brush with the super creepy guy at Books-A-Million. Repost from January: ...more

Why did I have kids? #293

Welcome to the newest edition of “Why Did I Have Kids?” Reason #293 – They keep me humble Getting out of the shower is never a fun thing because the shower faces a wall of mirrors in my bathroom.  Why this ever seemed like a good idea, I’m not sure.  But as the bathroom in question is pretty tiny, it was either that or there is no mirror at all and I have to pluck my eyebrows in the reflection of the faucet, which wasn’t going to work for me either. ...more

I have three of them and I have yet to figure out the bathroom and telephone magic.  It seems ...more

What do you mean toilet paper isn't a neccessity?

Peter and I caught a show called Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel (I KNOW! Like watching the smartzy stuff, no Sci-Fi channel or bemoaning the fact that Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t start for another couple of weeks, aren’t you proud of us?). ...more




Yes, it is THAT important

“Dude, you almost done with that?” “Yeah, just a second, I’m regulating some body fluids right now.” “Ok, well, I just took some aspirin, so I could use the kidney if you’re almost finished.” “Give me a minute, I’m almost finished.” “I’m just saying! You’ve had the kidney for a while now and I need it the minute you’re done.” “I forgot my kidneys at the apartment, so can’t you just use one of the other ones?” ...more

I Seem To Have Misplaced My Crown

We caught the tail end of a radio commercial this morning that asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My children, of course, pounced on it. Rachael - Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up? Nathaniel – She IS grown up, Rachael Rachael – Well, what did you want to be when you were a kid and weren’t growed up yet? Nathaniel – She wanted to be a mom. Right, mom? ...more