Valentines Day 2015

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL By Now, it is Valentines Day & i am All totally Alone. Oh, no. i vy the Day of Love.  ...more

Get Well Soon, Get Better Soon!

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL omg!I had to go Away Into the Hospital for like 5 weeks. All Natural Pregnancy & All Natural Birth [exclusively] is Not Recommended, is what I was in the Hospital for.omg! it is so funny in there, i made some New friends on the ward i was On, the Nurses Are the Greatest, i didn't get a female Doctor, so not too much commentary on the Doctors, other than Maybe some kind of Guilty Men, Mad Men, we're Not on tv, ya know. ...more

New Year's 2015 Eve WITHOUT The Date ?!#$@?!

Should i go?Will i get A ticket? {Tickets}i Am thinking about wearing a Sweater-Dress, it is freezing by then. NYE Event jewelry, can i wear Boots instead of heels? Sometimes, by Now, when i get back to Near Home, where we Are having some sort of quiet party in the Weekends, my latest squeeze is waiting Around there & catches me still-All-Dressed up coming in Late in the Early AM hours too.          AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL...more

How to Use MY Own Flat-Iron

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRLthe Flat Iron hair turns out Smooth Looking & Bouncy feeling Hair! my hair doesn't become totally sleek, once flat ironed. !*#!$?How to Use MY Own Flat-Iron!!&#?*so much Fun! to do my Hair each Day/Night. So by now i have 2 Hairbrushes, Foam&Plastic-velcro Hair Rollers & 1 comb, Mousse, Hairspray, 2 Hair Oils, Blow-dry Hair Serum, Hairclay & a Hairdryer, Curling Iron & the NEW Flat Iron....more

Give ME One, Everyone

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL Anne Klein / Ann TaylorDo you know that Calvin & Lord Are Boys' Names? Just Don't wear Men's Fashions nor Boys' Underwear yourselves?diamonds Are for Any Day !Bracelettes; Lapel Pins; Earrings; Wristwatches too! There Are elegant Rings for HerBeware of cheap desperate Imitations Silk & Organza CLOTHES Stockings.......more

i LOVE myKitchen!

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL What Are you Going to EAT!!? What Are you Going to Do for Food?! Any WOMAN loves to Cook....more

The LA / NYC House Garden.

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRLI have Started the Garden TODAY is May 1st. The Garden is fun, fresh and has whimsical garden structures! i Landscape Design the Gardening.i've Started This Year's Garden with: Kalanchoe and an Accent mini-Kalanchoe; the Olde Prize Rose; Ivy; and Gerber Daisies.Last Year's Garden wasn't Really there After the Winter. the Lawn looks Great and Lush this Year to Start Gardening....more


AnitaG. G. stands for GIRLHow am I ever going to be able to Afford an Apartment in this City on my Own, by Myself.  So, Me & a bunch of Woman & Girl[s] got together and put in Our Folios, each to start to get myApartment together!  Now, 10 Years later, She is acting as if she don't know what i am saying, and She didn't give me the keys to myApartment as if She can be evicting me....more

is Your Boss Another WOMAN, ...unlike you though.

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL i think it is like, She is in some kind of Dream of Some kind, She is just sort of perched at some kind of desk attire somewhere staring at Nothing and typing.  She cannot even get an interview together and then. when she finally almost got together a near interview, She just cannot EVER pay$$$$$$$$$$$$ you and just wants to chat. i have leftWork? what a joke you Are. long Ago by now, as have a few of my friends. i am not coming back to Work, y'know....more

should i just let myself go, now that Our relationship is over!!

i don't Really have to care Any more, i'm not going to go and be single, i don't want to take any bath, there's just no reasons to be like All Gorgeous now.i Hate my diet, i can't eat everything Now. i hate fashion, i'm not going to wear anything anymore. what i'm going to be ,like now, now what's there to do.. Now, i am like, some WOMANGirl that is like, Too Immature to Date.  Like how those PRO-Ball Guys are too immature for A Girlfriend.  ...more