Working Makes Me Feel Younger!

Yesterday was one of those days that I wondered why am I working.  I am almost 60 and began a new career at 58 using Quick Books Online.  The twenty years prior to that I was a stay-at-home mom, volunteer and personal assistant to my husband.  That sounds a little sarcastic but I have enjoyed those roles far more than when I managed a bank and owned a cross stitch store.  Raising 4 sons is fun especially when they play sports. My husband encourages me to do whatever I or not work.  Just be happy....more

New Sassy Haircut for Grandma!

At fifty-nine I was enjoying my long hair and the compliments of other ladies that thought they would grow their locks longer.  I heard that every man really wants their women to have long flowing hair that reminds them of a model.  I get it...but they don't have to take care of it and I don't look that great with it pulled back in a ponytail.  When I am singing, performing a drama or speaking I spray my hair with "mega hold" hair spray so that it is almost like having a hat on my head....more

Today is Wednesday...Wednesday is Grandkids Day! Is Everybody Happy!

Today is Wednesday and that means I pick up my grandchildren from school, feed them dinner and then take them to church for a fun time!  They love going to the classes and learning about Jesus. it is the first day back since the Christmas break and it is so cold outside!  We are normally around 50 degrees but today it is a wind chill of 25.  Even though I grew up in the North and loved cold weather and snow, I have gotten use to the warm weather of the South and I like it!...more

The Love of a Grandparent

As a parent I could show my children love everyday starting from the moment they opened their eyes in the morning to the time they drifted off to sleep.  Two of my children had a working mom and two had a stay-at-home mom.  Two had a single mom and two had a happily married mom. So no one can say I don't understand what it is like in both situations but I can tell you that when you love your kids and they know you love them they will turn out ok.  They just need to know that you are looking out for them....more

The Rights of a Grandparent

As grandparents what is our role when our children are living in conditions that are not healthy for them?  Do we really have all the information correct?  After all they are only children seeing their situations through their own needs and comforts and not what may be in their best interest.  And what happens when their parents divorce and their father is your son and they live with their mother?  ...more