Call to Action: Disabled Student Left on Outskirts at Concert

A friend of mine on Facebook shared the photo that shows young Alex Pollard, a sixth grader at Cooper Middle School in Austell, GA , being sidelined during the singing of two songs at a choir concert. His mother, Arla Jan Wilson, wrote: "As Mr. Grevstead directed the children into position, Alex waited patiently on the sideline to be positioned with the rest of the group. All of this took about five minutes. As the chorus began to sing, I realized that Alex would not be placed with the others. The picture that you see was taken after the first song was over and the second began, I assure you Alex was in that location the entire time his class performed." ...more
FYI, Alex's mother has secured an advocate, Mr. Nelms, and is starting to collect all of Alex's ...more