Waiting out the storm with the Dogs of War.

 Profound courage on guard detail....more

Weather Amnesia -A Time Change Rage.


When Horses Go Through Menopause.

 Disclaimer: I’m not a vet. Or a doctor. But someone has to talk about it....more

Golden Days and Hindsight Guilt.


Horse Abuse: The Emotional Aspect of Physical Abuse.

 I boarded the first horse I owned as an adult. It gave me something I hadn’t had in the past: a barn family....more

Pioneer Spirit: A Message from Leafa.

 Leafa Numbers was my paternal grandmother. We had a chat this week. She was born in 1888 in a sod shanty in Kansas....more
I love this story, how magical it must be to listen to your Grandmother speak....more

A PSA: Vulnerability is our greatest strength.

 Social media is a miracle. I meet new friends and stay connected with old ones. I can keep my finger on the pulse of inspiration in our world. There are pictures of puppies and foals and yes, those people who knit for their chickens....more

A Call to Arms. (or hooves, really.)

 You’ve had this happen. Someone finds out you have a horse and they ask, “Do you know my sister’s friend, Diane. She has a horse.” Like there are eleven of us in the state....more

Ground Play, Cavalia style!

This week, I attended Cavalia, the Cirque du Soleil-inspired performance event combining horses, acrobats and dancers. There were beautiful horses, an outlandishly great live band, and a stage that altered time and space. Unrecognizably. It’s the largest traveling show in the world, mind boggling in it’s scope....more

A Cowgirl looks (squints) at 60.