Seeing Things Like Horses Do.

 We see things differently than horses.  And like usual, I think we should try to be more like them....more

The Everyday Value of Dressage.

 Is your horse a different person under-saddle?...more

The Last Goat Standing.

 I’ve been trying to not write about goats all week. I wanted to write something inspiring about art and dressage. I’ve kind of been being a goat about it, truth be told. Stubborn. Headstrong. Ornery. But I know when I’m out-goated, so I’ll tell you about Joe....more

The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need (and big news!)

It’s been a great year at Infinity Farm. I’m thrilled to say no one died. It’s kind of a miracle–all ages and infirmities considered. I wandered through the memories of the year, looking for a stellar moment to share with you, one that was inspirational and would reflect the best of us. There were a pile to pick from, but in the end, it was a no-brainer....more

A Rescue Training Journal, Told from Two Viewpoints.

If there is an annual pony day, it should be Christmas. The reason is obvious, but if you didn’t get your wish, read this:...more

Rescue: Not for the Faint of Heart.

 Do you ever w...more

Seasonal Training Aids.


Vet Visit! Breathing is Connection.


Being Grateful for Things You Don’t Like.

My favorite training mentor had a habit that drove me nuts....more

Abuse -When do you speak up?

 Do you ever get haunted by a situation where you wish you had said something? Mine was 18 months ago. As I drove away from a lesson, I pulled over to check my messages, facing a riding arena where a roping event was going on....more