Rescue: Training the Things We Take for Granted

Lethargy. Sweltering with a non-specific stickiness. Flies. More flies. Dilly-dallying. These are the wilting Dog Days of Summer, named for Sirius, the Dog Star....more

Defending Horses with Words and Money

 Fair warning: I’m going to ask you to do a favor for horses. It will involve some of your time and the money that you spend anyway....more

The Trailer Isn’t the Problem.


A Lesson about Squeamishness and a Donkey.

  Look, it’s a selfie of me mucking last week. I like to get an early start in the summer. Over six hundred blog posts about this horse/life, and no one ever asks me for fashion tips. I wonder why?...more

Admitting You’re Wrong.


Mansplaining in the Barn


Women as Predators.

Do you identify as a predator?...more

How to Diffuse a Horse Bomb